you'll see shades of both.  But it's understandable, since beauty is always important to Libra - beauty of ideas if not beauty in form. 

He's also terribly responsive to beauty around him, and as with everything else this carries a plus and a minus.  The place he lives in will generally be tasteful and pleasant and often luxurious; and this isn't the man who lives in a pig's heap and then expects you to clean it when you arrive.  If you live with a Libran, he'll often wish to be involved in decorating a flat or house:  if you don't, he won't usually abide in traditional bachelor digs, but will often have a downright imposing array of comforts around him.  He's also someone who appreciates other people's care over their appearance; and Libran men aren't embarrassed or stiff about offering compliments.  The nicest side of all this is that you can feel really appreciated, and not just in the first two weeks of the relationship. 

The darker side of all this love of beauty is that the Libra man is often incapable of getting past his hangup about physical perfection.  He's often the 'sucker for the pretty face' who can only court beautiful women, and who is frequently fooled and badly hurt because he thought that what looked Good, True and Beautiful actually was.  It takes a long time, sometimes a lifetime, for Libra to recognize that the surface is not necessarily a good index of character.  Also, his ideas of beauty are frequently called from popular collective attitudes, since he pays a good deal of attention to other people's opinions.  If all the guys at the office think she's beautiful, so will he.  He frequently suffers a lot from having to define his own individual taste. 

This problem of loving beauty and being unable to recognize it in other than collective and conventional forms sometimes shows in odd ways.  Like a great difficulty in accepting, or finding attractive, the ordinary manifestations of the human body - lumps and bumps and moles and hair and body smells and period pains and other things that make us human and humanly lovable.  The Libran man's image of women is often something that stepped straight out of the pages of
Vogue magazine, polished, plucked, and perfect.  Nobody, of course, looks like that except in photographs.  The most beautiful women in the world still perspire and get dark circles under their eyes.  The Libran man loves women who take pride in their femininity and do everything they can to enhance it.  He doesn't usually appreciate the 'natural' look.  As a cynic once said of nudist camps, 'People actually look better with their clothes on'.  This is often the Libran man's viewpoint.  If you're the kind of woman who enjoys clothes and cosmetics, this man won't laugh at them, or demand that you look like a fresh-scrubbed and wholesome country milkmaid.  He likes style. 

Ah, yes the famous extravagance.  He likes style so much that he's sometimes prepared to bankrupt himself for it.  Libra has a reputation for extravagance, and he earns it.  It's not for the same motives as Leo, the other big spender of the zodiac, or as Sagittarius.  Leo likes to impress; his idea is to have the most different, the most unique, the most impressive thing.  Sagittarius just enjoys spending, because he can't be bothered with ordinary mundane things like budgeting.  Libra spends for beauty.  He'll spend money on beauty faster than he will on necessities; it isn't uncommon to find the Libra man who's blown the entire savings on a beautiful car and can't afford meals for the rest of the week.  On the other hand, he'll spend on his friends too, and on his lovers.  And Libra is usually generous.  A sucker he's not; but if you take advantage of him (remember, fair is fair) he's usually open-handed with money, and never begrudges money spent on pleasure or luxury or beauty or entertainment. 

You might find one of those Libra men where the shadow has taken over.  They're a disaster for anyone, because the constant playing hard to get can corrode even the most confident woman.  This kind of Libran is an incurable Don Juan, so if it's fidelity you're looking for, forget it.  You're more likely to be regaled with stories of

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