heated quarrels, incited by their equally fiery tempers, Leo and Sag can bring to each other, and to the world - much happiness.  There's a lot of vibrant activity and energy flowing when they're together, along with the considerable amount of good will. 

The name of the most ferocious dragon of dispute that threatens the tranquility of this sympathetic 5-9 combination will be spelled in bright red, flaming letters:  PRIDE.  The typical Sag is ordinarily blissfully unaware of the meaning of the word.  Archers may be feisty and spunky; they may refuse to be pushed around by bullies, but the truth is that they aren't really hung-up on false pride.  They'll cheerfully laugh at jokes on themselves, and are often the very ones who tell them.  Thanks to Jupiter's philosophical outlook, Sagittarius see no reason to feel guilty or embarrassed, just because they happen to possess a few shortcomings.  After all, doesn't everyone? 

No.  Everyone does not.  Leos possess none whatsoever.  Just ask them.  No shortcomings.  No flaws.  The Lions and Lionesses can do no wrong.  Everything they say or do is right!  Always.  Royalty is infallible, protected from error.  Leo's judgment is at all times sound, sensible and wise.  Also practical.  And quite naturally, superior to all other judgments.  Everyone knows
that.  Everyone but Sag.  The Archer will delight in punching Leo's plump velvet pillows of pride with a powerful verbal right hook, time and time again.  The more Leo's pride gets punctured, the louder the Lion or Lioness will roar.  As always, when fire fans fire, the 'expansive' Jupiter temper will then be ignited by Leo's arrogant roaring, and things can get explosive. 

The possibilities of harmonious compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius are so potentially rich and rewarding, it's really a shame for the Archers to spoil it by failing to realize the need to constantly and carefully consider that too many thorns thrust into the Lion's paw can cause Leo to stalk away permanently, in wounded and outraged indignation. 

A classic example of the result of ignoring the sensitive Solar pride of he Sun-ruled occurred during an incident experienced by some people I know, when an apparently harmless and typical Sagittarian practical joke missed its mark, and boomeranged back upon its playful Centaur perpetrator.  The Lion involved was in his third year of law school, and platonically associated with a girl Archer Fine Arts student, who attended the same college.  Nothing romantic.  Just matriculating friends, so to speak.  The Leo had recently quarreled with his wife, and they had mutually and angrily decided to try a trial separation.  Feeling understandably morose and glum, he found the buoyant, optimistic chatter of the girl Archer a cheerful boost to his loneliness.  (There's no sadder sight, whether he's roaming nature's jungle pride of ivy vines, or the 'civilized' jungle of ivy league classrooms - than an affectionate Lion, separated from his mate.) 

One bright Saturday afternoon, the Lion decided to soak up some sun on the beach (a favourite Leo pastime) with Sag tagging along happily, to keep him company.  An hour or so after they arrived, the girl Archer noticed that the Leo law student's estranged wife was sun bathing nearby.  The Lion was unaware of the presence of his mate (a Lioness, by the way).  With no real intent to cause trouble, but just in the spirit of Jupiter fun, Sag asked her friend to carry her, piggy-back, into the water - to catch one of the big waves.  Taken by surprise, he bent over, allowing her to leap astride his shoulders in her string bikini, and lock her legs tightly around his neck.  Suddenly the horse-half of the female Centaur was inspired with a questionable equestrian idea.  On the way to the water's edge, she slapped her Leo friend's shoulders, as a jockey whips a horse into a faster gallop, knowing the Lion's mate was watching.  The sight of a proud and noble Lion playing 'horsey,' carrying a laughing rider on his back, and meekly obeying her obvious commands to run faster, thereby nearly stumbling over a rock, created (as you can imagine) a most undignified image.  But Leos are kind and warm-hearted, so he reluctantly submitted to the indignity, rather than be thought a poor sport.  (The gods were compassionate in not allowing him

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