to fall flat on his face with his burden, which would have been an unbearable embarrassment.)  Later, when he realized the piggy-back scene staged by Sag was observed by, and had deeply wounded the woman he loved, he - well, let's just say the escapade was only one of the things that removed any possibility of a lasting friendship between this particular Lion and Archer. 

If the Sagittarian man or woman take care not to cross the line of safety with a Sun-ruled friend, relative, business associate, lover or mate, the Jupiter proclivity for holding up a mirror to Leo's occasional flaws and mistakes (yes, even Leos can have them and make them, for all their superiority) is a healthy habit.  It will gradually lead the ion and Lioness to unbend their regal manners a bit, a acquire the much needed quality of realistic self-appraisal.  Just so Sag does it with a degree of tact (which will probably take more than a little practice).  The Sagittarian blunt candor, when it's reasonably controlled, is a blessing in disguise to Leos.  The Big Cats become more tolerant and much nicer to be around, once they've relaxed their stiff pride, and re able to mingle more graciously with the lesser animals in the astrological zoo. 

Of course, the Archers aren't guilty of making
all the blunders in this association.  Leos are guilty of a few errors in judgment themselves, when it comes to handling the merry, but decidedly willful Sagittarians.  Like those long Leonine lectures, delivered with such a smug, self-righteous air.  The typical Archer will become clearly restless at being forced to sit through the repeated counseling sessions of a pedantic Pussycat, then after a time, ZING! Will go one of those bull's-eye arrows of truth straight into the vulnerable ego of the Lion or Lioness. 

"If you're so smart, why did you almost flunk high school?  You only got your college degree because your father knew the Dean."  Or maybe, "I may not be able to keep a chequebook balanced, as you say, but at least I didn't take out bankruptcy three times, like you did."  Perhaps… "So what if I do embarrass you by talking too much in front of your friends?  You happen to embarrass me too, with those corny jokes you tell over and over, till everyone's bored, the way you're always bragging - and those gawd-awful loud clothes you wear.  You look like a peacock posing in a barnyard.  And you really should stop eating all that rich food.  You're beginning to get a jelly roll around your waistline.  If you can't stop stuffing your mouth, at least you can jog a few miles a day, like I do.  Or play some tennis with me once in a while.  At your age, you can't afford to let your muscles get flabby." 

It shouldn't take long for Leo to learn to go easy in trying to curb the Archer's sense of individuality, and to recognize his (or her) need of free expression, without the restriction of constant advice.  Lions and Lionesses learn quickly, and Sag is a tough and verbally agile Lion tamer.  Leo, being a Fixed Sign, is more stubborn than Sagittarius.  .  And so after one of them has caused melancholy emotions in the other, it almost always must be the Archer who initiates the repair of a temporary crack in the relationship.  Otherwise, it can grow into an increasing coldness that will take some time to thaw.  Leos tend to freeze in icy dignity when they've been injured, but the heat of two Fire Signs will eventually melt frozen hearts, especially two hearts as large and as warmed by the Sun and Jupiter as those of Leo and Sagittarius. 

When their scars have healed, Sag will develop the knack of aiming that Jupiter bow of truth toward a more positive target, such as giving Leo the much longed-for gift of honest appreciation and forthright respect - while the Lion or Lioness will slowly but surely comprehend that, although the Archers may impulsively get tangled up in a ton of trouble by ignoring advice, they're also blessed with amazing streaks of pure luck, and will often unexpectedly manage to find a happy ending in their own stories - if they're given what
they most long for, which is simply to be trusted. 

Sagittarians secretly want Leo's practical, benevolent guidance (when it doesn't take the form of commands), and they also need the strong net of Leo's protection to catch them when they fall from their swinging

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