trapezes, just as the noble Kings and Queens of the jungle (and elsewhere) are secretly thrilled by the Archer's colourful tumbling acts, admire the Sagittarian integrity - and respond warmly to Jupiter's unshakable faith.  When these two courageous and generous Sun Signs link their ideals into a chain of cooperation, then weld it with patient recognition of each other's demand for independence, it will never rain on their circus parade.

close your ears to the sound of my voice
and through the thunder of a thousand cannons
you will hear it calling your name

blind yourself to the light in my eyes
and through the blackness of eternal night
you will feel them piercing your soul

insulate your body against my hands
and through blocks of ice
it will tremble in response to my touch

turn your cheek away from my breath
and through layers of rock
you will feel it hot against your lips

and musty like jungle grass

(Venus Trines at Midnight by Linda Goodman)

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