that what's good for him is also good for you.  He's apt to forget it. 

Leo also offers, in exchange for the loyalty and love he seeks so intensely, a wonderfully protective quality.  Male or female, Leo will fight for the person he loves, and defend them loyally.  He can be protective and supportive and terribly caring, and is not averse to making some pretty big sacrifices on behalf of his love.  (The little sacrifices are sometimes harder for him).  But when it comes to big gestures, Leo won't baulk.  He can be completely self-sacrificing, and give up everything, and never begrudge it. 

All in all, Leo's love affairs and marriages are interesting but rarely smooth.  He's too temperamental a creature, and his visions and ideas are too big to be able to avoid inevitable conflicts in the smaller realms of living.  Leo doesn't get along with the mundane reality of relationships and the inconsistency and limitations of human nature.  What Leo wants is the total love, the mythological love, the love that was sang in the troubadours' songs six centuries ago.  In one sense, that kind of love doesn't exist; and Leo usually suffers disappointment in love somewhere along the line because of it.  On the other hand, this symbol of the power of the heart is also a reality on another level, and no sign is as capable as Leo is of bringing the world of myth into the ordinary one, to gently remind other mortals that they're also heroes and princesses.  If you're around someone who tries to be a walking myth all the time, you begin to realize that myths are all around you; and a relationship with Leo can convince you that fairytales aren't so silly after all.

The Leo Man

You might expect the Leo man to be slightly larger than life.  He usually is.  Sometimes it's in the obvious way - his creative talent, or his success, or his flamboyant personality.  Leo often radiates charisma - and whether you like him or not, you're likely to notice him.  Sometimes the quieter, more introverted type of Leo appears on the scene, and doesn't make a great roar about his own uniqueness.  But if you get to know him, you'll find that inwardly he's just the same, and the same need for mythologizing his own life exists deep within him.  Don't be fooled by quiet, shy Leos.  They may have more restrained ascending signs, like Cancer or Capricorn or Virgo.  But they're lions nonetheless.  And that quality of intense self-consciousness, of always feeling as though the stage is under their feet and the audience watching, permeates even the most introverted Leo. 

Because he lives so much in his visions, the Leo man is often attracted to an earthier partner.  This can be a wonderfully creative combination, and it can also be a disaster.  Where it works, the Leo man looks for his stabilizing influence in his partner, and maybe achieves a measure of realism and contact with reality through her - by approaching her own more earthy outlook.  Where it's a disaster, it usually springs from Leo's tendency to undervalue detail and the things of ordinary life.  When he takes this stance, he's liable to treat his women as though they were in his life to clean up after him and remind him of his eleven o'clock appointment.  You usually wind up with a very angry and resentful partner. 

Leo the romantic can sweep you off your feet.  His attitude toward love is neither timorous nor restrained, and those grand gestures - whether they're gifts or magical journeys to magical holiday places or dramatic declarations of emotion - are irresistible.  A Leo man can make a woman feel completely feminine and desirable.  And it's fairly typical for the Leo man to have a fairly long and insistent crowd of admirers and pursuers.  Even if he's not a conventionally handsome or successful man, there's something about him that women find fascinating.  Leo is a very male creature.  There's nothing ambiguous about him.  He can often be the archetypal male, and women's liberation notwithstanding, it's pretty difficult to resist that kind of magnetism. 

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