And those gifts aren't just ordinary run-of-the-mill boxes of chocolates.  They're more likely to be expensive, exotic, and difficult to obtain; and usually they're things which are meant to be worn so that someone else can admire them.  For the love of God, show your appreciation.  A Leo who's gone through a great deal of trouble to present his loved one with a gift can be totally crushed and humiliated if the gift isn't acknowledged with suitable enthusiasm.  Leo is a better giver than he is a receiver.  He genuinely loves to give.  But he never does favours offhandedly; there's a self-consciousness about them, and he needs to be thanked. 

Leo's ideals in love are different, however, from Libra, the other sign which is concerned about all else with love and relationship.  For Libra, love is an exchange, a partnership, a meeting of two different individuals.  For Leo, it's a creative act, and he's the sun at the centre. Sometimes you can get the distinct feeling, in the midst of Leo's romance, that he's so in love with being in love, and so in love with the lovely image of his love, that somehow he's missed noticing you.  It's a common Leonine problem in love affairs.  The partner feels sort of left out of the whole thing, unless he or she is one of those people who also has the knack of stepping in and out of the fairytale landscape. 

But apart from this problem - and it may be little or big, depending upon the Leo - the lion is really the ideal lover.  Male or female, the gift of making a love affair magical, something special, is one of Leo's special qualities.  He can always make you feel as if it's the first time anyone in the world has ever been in love.  He loves with style, and without inhibition.  And it's in his nature to be loyal, too; for although the lion can be vain, and loves to be admired by the opposite sex, he is basically a constant partner, and has an idealistic vision of love as something which endures.  If he loves he will move the earth.  (If he doesn't love, he will often use). 

Of course, he needs something in exchange for all that loyalty.  For one thing, he needs loyalty in return.  Leo, male or female, is a jealous cat, and won't tolerate smaller fry pursuing his chosen mate.  He can be very obvious and not a little rude about insulting or removing challengers.  In a way he enjoys the contest, provided he's on safe ground, since this kind of knightly combat suits his image.  What he can't endure is betrayal, which is deeply wounding and rarely forgiven.  Leo has a na´ve heart, and a wonderfully soaring idealism.  Betrayal of trust is a horrific thing to him.  Where Capricorn expects it and Scorpio suspects it constantly, Leo simply can't believe it.  He'll rarely look below the surface at why.  To him it's a cardinal sin, the worst sin you can commit.  And you'll not be given a second chance very often to do it again. 

If you want to understand just how deep this sense of honour and loyalty goes in Leo, consider the attitudes in love and war during the Age of Chivalry.  France has always epitomized the chivalric code; and a French knight, when taken once in battle during the Hundred Years War, discovered that his captor was a mere peasant, of lower rank than himself.  The French knight proceeded to knight his captor, so that they could be of equal rank, so that his own knightly rank wouldn't be insulted.  Now, that's Leo.  It's said that France is ruled by this sign, and one can well believe it if one reads a little French history.  And the French attitude toward love is typically Leonine:  it's an art. 

Leo not only expects loyalty and fidelity.  He or she also expects to be treated like a king or queen.  Now, this is a sword which cuts two ways.  On the one hand, Leo can be so lovable that you want to treat him like royalty anyway.  On the other hand, that I, the King routine can sometimes be a little annoying, because it goes with a double standard.  Now, it may be a little unfair to say so, but in spite of this Leo seems to operate on a double standard basis much of the time.  (How else could he be, when his primary motivation is his own self-realization?)  But it's sometimes difficult to remind Leo gently

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