and Spencer to save a quid or two on chain mail?  You may have heard that Leo is extravagant.  Yes, that's perfectly true.  His extravagance stems from two sources:  firstly, he loves things to be quality, beautiful and luxurious, as well as distinctive and stylish.  Secondly, he can't be bothered to see whether there's enough in the account to cover it.  Leo resents having to adjust, and hates limitations.  If he wants something, he believes he ought to have it.  Save?  Budget?  Don't be silly.  Somehow it'll get covered.  Leo's intuition also gives him an unquenchable optimism.  Find him on the dole and he'll have his mind focused years ahead when he'll be on top again.  The trouble with all this is that in the meantime it's always somebody else who has to do his worrying for him.  It might be reasonable to say that Leo behaves as though he needs a twenty-four-hour secretarial and accounting service at his disposal.  Now your more successful Leo might have this very thing, and life is truly a myth for him, since he can indulge his fancies as he pleases.  For the more limited Leo, life can be hell.  Or he'll make it hell for his partner, who's the one stuck for reminding him he's got a doctor's appointment, reminding him he owes an electricity bill, reminding him to take his clothes to the cleaners, reminding himů.You probably have the picture.  Leos can give the impression, quite unconsciously, that they expect to be taken care of and cleaned up after, because they're concerned with much more important things. 

This can naturally become a classic scenario, and often does.  Leo, being a fiery sign, is often attracted into relationships with earthy partners, who seem to offer the stability and realism he needs to complement his big dreams.  But you should listen to those earthy partners complain:  Why do you always assume you have more important things to do and leave me to clean up the mess afterward?  It really isn't deliberate autocracy.  Remind a Leo that he is behaving badly and he'll usually be both astonished and hurt.  He doesn't mean to treat people like a crowd of courtiers.  But his mind is so often in the future, or in his imaginary world of creative vision, or on the big picture, that he fails to notice the difficulties he makes for others.  Yet his gifts are often so outstanding that others make allowances for him.  For a while. 

This connects with another curious facet of Leo's psychology.  Because of the slightly dramatized world he lives in, he often can't conceive of the fact that the world outside doesn't orbit around him like his inner one does.  So it's often difficult for him to realize that life goes on without him.  He needs to feel important to himself, and often tries to find his sense of self-esteem by being important to others.  When they don't notice him, he's hurt.  Objectivity is not one of Leo's strong points.  I once had a friend - a double Leo, both sun and moon being placed there - who, one day finding his tennis shoes too tight, cut off the toes.  A couple of days later, a new fashion appeared in the shoe shops (it was Hollywood, the natural habitat of many Leos) - open-toed boots.  My Leo friend observed this phenomenon with a certain charming mixture of amazement and complacency, and then said in utter seriousness, 'I wish people aren't always copying me like that.' 

There you have it.  The thing is, people do frequently copy Leos, because they often have style and charisma; and it's easy to see how a little personality inflation goes a long way.  Nothing in the world is quite so important to Leo as his own world.  It is genuinely painful and difficult for him to see beyond the lens of his own consciousness, and comprehend that other people are truly different, think and feel differently, and most importantly, that they have a right to be different.  At heart Leo is the Divine Child of the zodiac.  And to a child, the world is a mysterious and exciting extension of himself.  The sun shines for him, the clouds rain on him, and good and bad luck are personally related to the heavens favouring or disliking him rather than being either products of his own efforts or the tracks of random chance. 

Leo men and women often find it very difficult to share the stage. 

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