of us, but even more so to the Gemini himself - or herself.  Especially if he (or she) is involved in a close tie with another Gemini.  Then, of course, the puzzlement is twinned and twice as tormenting. 

The trickster aspect of Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, is always hiding behind the sharp Gemini intellect, revealing itself in all manner of minor and major ways.  An excellent example is Gemini Bob Hope, the comedian with the rapid-fire, speedy delivery of jokes, which nearly tumble over one another in the telling, they're delivered in such machine-gun style.  Did you ever pay really close attention to one of Hope's longer comic routines?  The kind where he does a monologue for fifteen minutes or a half hour, not his on-again, off-again stabs at the audience at the Academy Awards.  On a lengthier routine, Mercury's delight in tricking and fooling people is very evident. 

Approximately every two minutes or so, the Gemini Hope will make a remark that when analyzed, means essentially:  Get ready, Folks.  I'm about to close my act, and sign off. 
But then he continues.  A couple of minutes (or even one minute or a few seconds) later he tosses out another one-liner, indicating again that his routine is coming to a close.  Yet, he continues.  Listen closely next time.  You'll see that this is a consistent pattern with Bob Hope's Gemini comedy patter.  Mercury drives him to try to trick his audience repeatedly - which is rather astute of Mercury, because it makes Hope's listeners pay strict attention, being led, as they are, to believe that each joke is his last for the night. 

Bob Hope's reputation for possessing the finest comedy timing in show business is deserved, a talent that's directly inherited from the influence of his Sun ruler, Mercury.  Comedienne Bea Lillie's repartee is equally sharp and staccato, her sense of comedy timing as exquisite as Hope's.  Both born in England, Bea and Bob have startlingly similar noses, both are famed for entertaining the troops - and both were born the same month, day, year, latitude and longitude, within a few minutes of one another. 
Astral twins.  More about that in a future book. 

A blend of Gemini and Gemini has the advantage of creating atmosphere of freedom of thought and movement, so that their combined intellects can click into action unhampered by petty jealousies, suspicions and restrictions (allowing, as always, for a more conservative Moon Sign or Ascendant).  Even then, the emotional climate between them will be comparatively free and easy, allowing them to accomplish lots of tricks and capture many a dream together.  These two will sharpen their wits on one another, usually forgive and forget quickly - and boredom will rarely be a problem. 

But there are also disadvantages to their association, which they'll have to face, and find a way to erase, between them.  Lacking the stability of the more prosaic, less complicated Sun Signs, Gemini and Gemini can tempt each other to scatter their talents to the four winds, neither one willing to hold down the other or able to provide the necessary patience and dependability for success, either on an emotional or on a material level.  They may remind their friends of two brightly coloured balloons, filled with a blend of happy helium and hot air, having a gay and marvelous time floating through the clouds, but not going anywhere in particular.  With this combination, their Moon Signs will write the ending to the story.  If the Moon Sign in either birth chart is unfavorable in aspect to the Gemini Sun Sign of the other, they can create lovely poetry or jazz, paint the clouds silver, or paint the town red.  But few of heir dreams and schemes will take off too fast, then fly away out of sight, because they weren't grounded.  They can still make it all work out harmoniously, but in order to do so, they'll have to be more cautious and less casual. 

With a favourable Luminary aspect between their Suns and Moons, however, the sky is truly the limit for creative breakthroughs, scientific discovery, intellectual attainment, material security - and even spiritual perception.  As for emotional happiness and harmony, well… it's really their own choice.  Geminis manufacture their own emotions to sell, keep or give away.  What do these Mercury Birds seek on the wind out there? 

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