person.  There is, of course, another side to all this, the individual side, and the integrity of each unique soul. 

The Yogi-Buddhist Nirvana concept is grossly distorted.  All this business of permanent 'blending with the Great All' is nonsense, metaphysically unsound, and quite literally impossible.  We are part of both the
fused and the separate bodies of our co-Creators - in a symbolic sense.  Aries people being near Their 'heads,' Gemini being near Their 'arms, hands and fingers,' Leo's near Their 'hearts,' and so forth.  (That's admittedly an oversimplification, but will suffice for this particular book, because it will be covered in more detail in a forthcoming one.)  Now, a nose is not a mouth (when did you ever hear of a nose that ate a corn on the cob?), nor is an eye a hand, nor is an ear a heart.  (Who ever heard of an ear-beat?)  In other words, you are You.  The unique you-of-you is now, ever has been, and ever shall be - your individual self, and consciously so - not just during those periods of time when your blindness separates you from our co-Creators, but also after you blend with Them, from time to time, and even while you're at one with Them. 

The secret of the latter condition of perfect peace, wisdom and power is contained in the
polarity of power - humility - and expressed through the word 'atone' (at-one).  Not until you truly atone, and fully comprehend the meaning of the word, may you be at-one with God and His Mate.  However, although the achievement of experiencing such 'at-one-ment,' periodically and repeatedly, is a glorious thing, you need not (indeed you should not) remain at-one with Them on a permanent basis.  That would be dreadfully boring for the individuality, just as being inseparably blended in the ecstatic embrace of sexual union, however pure the love between the twin souls might be, would be dull and boring if it were to be an eternal, constant state. 

Such a concept removes the very core of existence, which is light and shadow… the perfect Libran balance of each… the stimulation of controversy, equally balanced with peaceful agreement - with no murders please, within the necessary controversy syndrome - no murder of sex, people, animals, or anything else.  That's against all the rules of the cosmic hide-and-seek game. 

Well, let's see… I began discussing Man's and Woman's relationship with God and His Mate, then went on to an explanation of your individuality, so you'll all be aware that your own sacred and holy, personal 'egos' can never be destroyed by a blending in a nirvanic
forever with anyone's concept of 'God' - all in a few paragraphs.  The Gemini essence is extremely contagious.  Actually, I'll level with you, although my remarks were all made quite seriously, and are reflective of ancient esoteric truth, I deliberately strung my words together on a chain of quick subject changes - each different, yet all consistently leading into one another - to give you a brief idea of the necessity for remaining alert when you're involved in any sort of discussion with a Gemini, let alone two of them, which is really four of them. 

You see, sometimes Gemini double-talk is an aid to superimposing two apparently polarized opinions into a stereoscopic wholeness of third-dimensional depth, the third dimension by the perspective recipient of the words.  Are you with me?  You're simply going to have to become accustomed to word games if you expect to play verbal Ping-Pong with the Twins, and Pong-Ping is the same as Ping-Pong when you're gazing into the Gemini mirror.  Now, is it reflecting back to you more clearly? 

Each Gemini contains a twin mirror image of himself (or herself), in reverse, the positive and negative poles of his or her personality.  This is because each Gemini symbolizes the soul, on its trip around the astrological, karmic wheel, experiencing the toddler stage of awareness that it's not alone in the Universe, realizing also that there are two distinct sides to the character of each man and woman, which must be brought into harmony before it's possible to relate to others.  The trouble is, Gemini seldom knows which if his (or her) split personalities is the real one.  If anyone asked (or if our co-Creators asked this portion of

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