Their individualization), "Will the real Twin please stand up and be recognized?" - two separate people would pop up, and the game of hide-and-seek will begin all over again. 

Naturally, then, when a pair of Twins decide to tangle their temperaments, things can get pretty crisscrossed.  There are few Geminians who can sort themselves out from the myriad disguises and conflicting desires of their natures.  Gemini is ruled by trickster Mercury, the planet of lightning speed (though not quite as capable of speed as 'swifty' Uranus), who forces this man, woman or child to try on a thousand faces, then discard them, in a restive search for personal identity. 

He purpose of the masquerade is what separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and Scorpio from Gemini - in case you've been wondering.  Scorpio changes false faces for an entirely different purpose - to deliberately keep you in the dark, whereas Gemini is just trying to make up his (or her) mind which face belongs there.  No, that's Libra's indecision.  Let's try again.  Gemini is trying on masks in an effort to find the true person he or she really is.  Indecision has nothing to do with it, in a really detailed analysis.  Did I really say that?  Yes, I did.  I just realized.  I said the same thing at the end of the last sentence in he previous paragraph. 

Well, get used to it.  Gemini's often repeat themselves - say things twice.  Like, they'll say:  "What time is it?" wait a second or so, and repeat:  "What time is it?" before you've had time to answer that it's half past anything or a quarter till, which makes it difficult to converse with them in any sort of synchronized way, sometimes.  But not always. 

Since Gemini is a mental Air Sign, these people are driven to spinning their brains almost continually, even in their sleep, thinking, theorizing, figuring, projecting, condemning, endorsing, discarding, sorting and analyzing the cold, hard facts - at the very same time that they're chasing their visionary dream.  You can see why they're all human jigsaw puzzles. 

The Mercury-ruled roam the world, either mentally or physically, or both, in search of an elusive ideal or perfect truth and happiness, then often return home again, to listen to a bird singing in a tall tree - the same bird, the same song, the same tree they knew as children.  After traveling all over the mental continents of their imaginations, they sometimes, if they're lucky, realize, at last, that their truest dreams were dreamed when childhood's perception was clear and uncontaminated by adult logic and cynicism. 

Any 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern combination brings with it the special and unique satisfaction of association with a person enough like one's own self that there's little fear of rejection of personality - although there's always a danger of an overbalance of he similar characteristics.  A double-Gemini relationship is especially comforting to each of the four of them, because it's always reassuring to have a pal, relative, neighbour, business associate, lover or mate who's as messed up as you are yourself.  It saves a lot of tiresome explanations and apologies.  But it can also be wearing on the nervous system, because of the continual frustration of attempting to fool someone who anticipates all your maneuvers and rationalizations. 

At least these Sun Signs, when doubled-up, can recognize one another somewhat more easily than an outsider would recognize either of the four of them.  Yesterday, Gemini was a gentle soul, shy and self-effacing, somewhat detached, quiet and reflective, with occasional spells of wistfulness and longing.  Today, the very same Gemini is cynical, sarcastic, irritable, insulting - and acutely alert.  Tomorrow, he (or she) may be calm, steady and conservative to the point of being downright stuffy.  Then, without the faintest warning, Gemini will turn into a will-o'-the-wisp, sprinkling dreams like lemon drops, scattering ideas like confetti, restless, yearning, as physically active as he (or she) is verbally communicative and emotionally restless.  It's terribly puzzling to the rest

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