All of us experience fleeting moment of enchantment (with the potential for extending the fleeting aspect of them).  But Gemini and Aquarius comprehend and utilize such potential and are nearly continually enchanted, full of the awe and wonder, the curiosity of the true child - Gemini, the toddler, and Aquarius, second childhood - as described in
The Twelve Mysteries of Love at the beginning of this book.  Therefore, they have, more or less, permanent residence in the realm of Faerie.  We see them pass among us, of course, but are they really here, or do they not seem frequently to be… somewhere else?  As a team, these two Sun Signs will mingle and blend at times almost as one, then drift into their own individual ways for a period… and float back together again.  It's usually a windy, breezy relationship, somewhat detached, and although a controversy between them can create a temporary flurry of excitement, like a summer storm, it normally doesn't last long enough to do any real damage. 

Both Gemini and Aquarius understand most subjects and situations thoroughly, in depth, but Gemini can usually transmit the comprehension to others with more clarity than Aquarius, the Twins having been blessed with the gift of both gab and glibness - Aquarians with a gift of genius and insanity, in just about equal parts.  They are both, however, masters of the twisted phrase, mind-blowers.  Gemini double-talks an atheist by informing him that any scientist can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.  Aquarians comments on the restless Gemini behaviour by observing wryly that a fly-by-night leaves no shadow, only doubt.  How was that again?  Listen more carefully the first time.  Aquarius does not like to repeat.  Gemini cheerfully repeats, but never the same way twice.  With their upside-down cakes of phraseology and crisscross alliteration, Gemini and Aquarius would make a great team writing verses for Chinese fortune cookies. 

With Sun-Moon harmony between them, they can be a delightful pair, an exasperating puzzle to everyone else, but an open book to each other.  Even with a negative Sun-Moon aspect in their horoscopes, because of their Sun trine, they may read the last page of the book first, decide they don't like it, then breeze along their merry, individual ways - possibly returning to pick up where they left off, maybe even to write a different ending, as it pleases them.  It's impossible to predict, with these two. 

Most people like Gemini and Aquarius despite themselves, rather than for themselves.  They're both too complex for the average Earthling.  But they usually only annoy with their noise, seldom anger.  If heir mutual chatter, combined with their speedy head and foot work, could be set to music, the lyrics would surely be haunting but hard to remember.  At least, hard for the Water Bearer to remember.  All Aquarians are a touch absentminded.  Never mind, Gemini's steel trap of a mind can flip out computer cards of memory fast enough for both of them. 

Sometimes they make money together, sometimes they lose it together.  Neither is likely to admit which it is, loss or gain, because both are able to substitute one word for another, as they do with all polarities, completely comprehending what many people do not:  that any one thing always contains particles of its opposite.  These two (who would be perfectly at home, by the way, at Mad Hatter's Tea Party) are quite likely to have in common some interest in religion, travel to foreign countries and lands, higher educational institutions, astral experience, youth and young people, films, entertainment, artistic or creative endeavour.  Or these areas will be, conversely, areas of tension. 

Gemini and Aquarius often seem incapable of a completely smooth relationship, despite their innate empathy.  If things run too smoothly, they aren't happy.  Theirs is an exceedingly strange compatibility.  They can frequently be at cross purposes and can get on each other's nerves.  Et, they can also have a barrel of fun together, as they fly around in simultaneous orbit to lace the tired old Earth with flowers… tumbling, twisting, turning and tantalizing others who are not so blessed with lightning calculator minds and flashing intuition. 

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