Gemini and Aquarius are as serious as Birth and as joyous as Death - and vice versa.  As for the spiritual concept of SAT NAM. Gemini is aware that truth is a different thing to each person, depending on an individual's level of enlightenment at any given time.  Therefore, if 'God's name is really truth, then He is a God of many faces, a multiple One. 

Aquarius is even wiser, takes Gemini's logic one leap forward, and informs the Twins that there is only one truth, which stands high above the multiple truth-Gods of SAT NAM, and its name is LOVE.  Not just love between man and woman, although that's the beginning of it, but love of all mankind and womankind for one another and all living creatures… in the woods, the seas and the air.  "Well then, replies Gemini, brightening, "I see!  I see!  Then there must be a Ms. God - two creators - twin souls - from which all this flows down upon us!" 

But it took the Water Bearer to open the eyes of the Twins to higher truth.  Yes, Gemini, the super-bright, has much to learn from Aquarius, the Water Bearer of Wisdom.  In youth, Aquarius may sign letters with SAT NAM.  But with maturity, the Uranus-ruled will sign them with EVOL NAM RED-SIH (His-Her Name is Love, spelled backwards, of course, in the typical Uranian manner). 

The bottomless jug of the Water Bearer contains many such marvelous mysteries, and no one can discover them more quickly than the Gemini Twins. 

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