other's nature, yet it's not easy for Pisces and Capricorn to realize the obvious.  If the Piscean, is the rare Whale-type man or woman, he (or she) could overpower the Goat, until Capricorn frantically feels the panic of one who can't swim, going under for the last time, unable to cope with being in such elusive, changeable territory as the Goat has been deceived into entering by the Whale Piscean, with nothing solid to cling to, and no foothold in sight… nothing underneath but treacherous quicksand. 

But if the Fish is a typical Piscean, the danger is different.  Then there's always the possibility that the stronger Goat will so control and dominate the Neptune person that the Piscean becomes only a shadow of Capricorn, suffering silently from a frightening loss of personal identity.  A frightened Fish can turn to lying, drugs, or alcohol… or simply disappear, quietly, without a word of warning… because the Neptune-ruled will eventually escape imprisonment of the spirit, one way or the other.  It's inevitable.  And none of the possible escape routes are pleasant or desirable. 

But these are the extremes of unfortunate Neptune-Saturn associations, which occur only when other planetary positions between the natal charts are negative.  Far more often, Pisces and Cappy become lasting friends (especially if their Luminaries were harmonious at both), whether they're classmates, lovers, neighbours, coworkers, or relatives.  They're alike in many more ways than they're different - and even in those ways that they're not alike, their differences usually complement each other nicely.  Normally, they'll enjoy the same music, and laugh at the same jokes.  Cappy's humour is subtle and gentle, and nearly always brings a smile to the expressive features of the Fish. 

"Do you know what a Naptune is?" asks the Goat. 
"You mean Neptune, don't you?" politely corrects the Fish. 
No, I mean N-A-P-T-U-N-E," repeats the Goat.  "What is a Naptune?"
"I give up," sighs Pisces.  "What's a Naptune?"

Capricorn grins shyly.  "A Nap-tune is a Pisces lullaby."  Suddenly, the magic sparkles between them again, as the Fish becomes a bear - and then Goat becomes a bubble - each of them once more snug and serene.  Let's leave them there, shall we?  Crowds make both Cappy and Pisces nervous.  They're more comfortable with a few close friends, and a quiet dinner at home. 

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