overcoming the natural Piscean introverted behaviour.  Although the Fish also get along smoothly with Scorpio and Cancer, they may feel somewhat less protected, as well as less courageous, with the Scorpions and Crabs than with the Goat.  In many ways, therefore, Capricorn and Pisces were made for each other.  If one of them has a Moon Sign or Ascendant in conflict with the other, they'll sputter and spat back and forth occasionally.  Otherwise, these two will be far happier and more harmonious together than upright and tense. 

Because Pisces and Capricorn feel alike and think alike about most major issues, their differences of opinion are relatively less frequent than their times of agreeable, almost effortless, cooperation and compromise.  Even in those areas where they differ and disagree, they'll take turns carefully convincing each other to come around to the other side of whatever question caused the friction.  Sometimes it's the Goat who manages to straighten out the confused or muddled thinking of the Fish; at other times, it's the Fish who manages to soften the Goat's firm stand.  For example, if they should become involved in a discussion of controversial subjects like astrology and religion, they probably won't be able to avoid clashing in principle, because Cappy is so big on tradition and authority - suspicious of the abstract - and less instinctively compassionate and perceptive than Pisces.  In this case, it will usually be the Fish who gently turns around the Goat's wrong thinking - although on other subjects, an equal number of times, it's the Goat who determinedly switches the Fish's viewpoint to his (or her) own. 

Actually, these two subjects are nearly certain to be debated at some time between the two of them, since Saturn is the defender of the status quo, and Neptune (along with Pluto) governs both astrology and religion.  (Jupiter is involved chiefly with the philosophy of religion, Pluto with its mystery, Neptune with its mysticism.)  Therefore, it's reasonable to suppose that this Saturn- and Neptune-influenced association will contain its share of disagreements in these departments, which Pisces will nearly always win. 

PISCES:  Don't you believe religion is failing people, by not giving them a sense of continuation of individual consciousness?
CAPRICORN:  What is that supposed to mean?  Sometimes you get too abstract for me to follow.  Why can't you speak in plain and simple terms an ordinary person can understand? 
PISCES:  I'll try.  What I meant was that reincarnation, which is the foundation of astrology, is the real truth of existence, and all the churches have removed this wisdom from their teachings.  That's as plain and simple as I can say. 
CAPRICORN:  Reincarnation?  I won't even discuss it with you.  It's too ridiculous to even be considered. 
PISCES:  (only pretending to back down - sneaky Neptune!)  All right.  We can always discuss reincarnation some other time, and when we do, I'll tell you some things I'm sure will change your mind, but right now let's just talk about religion and astrology. 
CAPRICORN:  That's almost as bad.  Astrology.  Maybe even worse.
PISCES:  (ignoring Cappy as though he - or she- hasn't heard)  Do you know that nearly every religious faith teaches that astrology is a sin, and won't permit their members to even investigate it? 
CAPRICORN:  They're certainly justified in taking that position, if you ask me, considering all the quackery associated with it.  I don't blame them.  Astrology has such a bad name, the Catholic Church requires formal confession from Catholics who have been contaminated by having anything to do with it, before they're allowed to take communion. 
PISCES:  Every art and science has quackery, associated with it, not just astrology, so that doesn't prove anything, either way.  But I'm glad you mentioned communion.  That's the ritual to swallowing a wafer symbolizing the body and blood of a simple carpenter - who was himself an astrologer - as were his teachers, the Essenes, where he spent the eighteen 'lost years' of his life, which were conveniently removed from the scriptures. 

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