CAPRICORN:  How could someone like Jesus have practised astrology, when the Catholic Church, and every other faith, has defined it as a dangerous belief in the control of stars and planets over human destiny? 
PISCES:  (smiling softly)  I see.  So only church dogma should be allowed to control human destiny?  You probably don't realize that the Church Fathers themselves are well aware that the purpose of studying astrology is just the opposite - to teach us that the only way to escape the control of the stars is by understanding their powerful influence, so we can then use our own free choice to guide our own destinies.  A knowledge of astrology releases us from planetary control - but it also releases us from church dogma's moral dictatorship, and that's the real reason the definition of astrology has been deliberately distorted and maligned. 
CAPRICORN:  The trouble is, you're just anti-Catholic.  You're prejudiced against Protestant denomination too. 
PISCES:  (softly, not antagonistically)  Not at all.  The Catholics and Protestants aren't the only ones who cause their followers to believe untrue things about astrology - or who suppress the facts.  Judaism has also denied its own roots in the Hebrew Qabbah, which is one of the deepest sources of both astrological and numerological wisdom.  And the Mormon church calls astrology 'the work of the devil.' 
CAPRICORN:  You just lost the argument.  All those Mormons are so polite and neat and well scrubbed - decent, law-abiding people.  They believe in the sanctity of the family, and so do I. 
PISCES:  (again smiling gently)  Outside appearances are sometimes deceptive.  Is being clean-shaven, then, a necessity for illumination and salvation?  That removes Lincoln, Moses, Jesus, the Apostles, and countless others from the list of the virtuous.  You're right about the Mormon reverence for the family circle, but did you know that their founder, Joseph Smith, claimed he had a vision which told him that all religions other than the Mormon religion are 'an abomination" to the Lord? 

Now Cappy is silent - and the Fish calmly continues. 

PISCES:  Only since 1978 has the Mormon church allowed blacks to be priests.  Before that, the Mormons taught that 'Africans are unworthy,' their darker skin tones a sign of God's disfavor. 
CAPRICORN:  Well, at least they finally admitted their mistakes. 
PISCES:  Yes, they did.  One of them, at least.  Mormon President Spencer Kimball has taken many great strides toward truth and tolerance.  Still, even he currently states firmly that it's 'absolutely impossible' for women to ever be permitted to teach or preach in the church.  But I believe he's trying… and someday that belief will be softened too.  There are many good and positive things about Mormonism.  Many more than the negative attitudes.  Most of their principles are sound and sensible. 
CAPRICORN:  Listen… I've decided you aren't prejudiced after all.  Tell me some more about astrology and reincarnation. 

And Pisces wins the discussion, as he or she almost always does.  The Fish made a solid impression of the Goat's normally inflexible mind by exhibiting the typical Neptune tolerance and compassion - by refraining from offensive or emotional attack - and especially by winding up the talk between them with the words 'sound' and 'sensible' (two of Cappy's all-time favorite words, that bring to the Saturn-ruled a subconscious sense of security).  It takes patience to bring the stubborn Goat to a change of views, but Pisces is endowed with lots of patience, plus an ample supply of the persuasive charm and gentleness necessary to move an Earth Sign from a long-held conviction. 

There's no doubt that the Neptune Fish of either sex and any age tends to procrastinate and to be, at times, too flexible.  This sort of attitude will deeply disturb the typical Goat, who almost never procrastinates on either minor or major matters, and is frequently too inflexible.  It's easy for an outsider to see how they'd both benefit from each adopting part of the

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