they are with others, more relaxed. 

The typical Capricorn has a kind of blanket rule about everything. 
Wherever you're in doubt about something, don't do it, because it's likely to be wrong.  And another rule : Don't rush into things.  Time is always on your side.  Wouldn't you just know that Cappy would consider Time (ruled by Saturn) a good friend, rather than an enemy?  When a couple of compatible Goats join their industrious hands, hard heads - and most important, their gentle hearts - they're guaranteed of doubling their already impressive individual potentials for solid achievement, financial security and emotional serenity, and what could be more sensible, more practical than that?  The last sentence contains a 'drawoh-drabor' twin riddle.  Don't try to guess it.  The answer is too mind-boggling, unless your mind does not boggle easily.  Saturn minds do not. 

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