make up for their precocious maturity and stifling caution by sharing their shy sweetness and cozy dependability.  Admittedly, with some Capricorns - though not all - this may be soured a bit at times by gruffness and sternness.  Nevertheless, the qualities of sweetness, coziness and dependability are worth a little mutual crankiness.  It's comforting to a Goat to have another Goat around, someone who is reliable - someone who will still mean on Tuesday week exactly what he or she said on Saturday last.  Especially if you've been hanging around with a bunch of Geminis, Librans or Aquarians.  It can be a blessed relief. 

When two Capricorns toss in their lots together - no, that doesn't sound right, Cappies never toss anything.  When two Capricorns carefully enter an office, home, classroom or bank together, they communicate with one another in the same manner as busy ants, with their antennas wiggling silently, bustling away in perfect coordination and understanding.  Whatever they do, they will be working admirably hard at doing it.  Even if they are only talking together, they work hard at saying things that matter, that
mean something, rather than just exchanging silly superficialities.  Capricorns absolutely never exchange silly superficialities.  If you'll picture Capricorns Howard Hughes, Carl Sandberg, Gary Cooper, Richard Nixon, Humphrey Bogart, J. Edgar Hoover and novelist Henry Miller sitting around together, having a fireside chat, discussing matters of mutual concern and interest with Capricorns Jill Kennedy Goodman, Steve Mackin, Lael Welsman, Royce King, Sinthia Sullivan, Lennart Mucke, Evelyn Brewer and Rachael Fallon, you will not expect the conversation to consist of silly superficialities or expect them to be wasting their time in inconsequential chitchat and meandering minutiae. 

Now you might say, "I don't know Jill Kennedy Goodman, Steve Mackin, Lael Welsman, Royce King, Sinthia Sullivan, Lennart Mucke, Evelyn Brewer and Rachael Fallon, so how can I picture such a scene?"  You are wrong.  You
do know them, because I've told you their Sun Signs, therefore you know them as well as I, or at least well enough to picture them.  Astrology is that reliable, especially when it comes to Goats.  Other Sun Signs may deviate and differ here and there in heir Sun Sign attributes, due to additional planet positions at birth, but Cappies almost never deviate or differ in the Sun Sign essence, despite their other planetary positions.  They root into the Earth and behave with nearly perfect predictability, bless their hearts.  Whether they are naughty or nice, they are predictable.  You can see why they like to flock together.  They know they can trust one another.  (And while they are trusting one another, they keep their eyes open for any monkey business.)  Did I say 'flock together'?  I'd like to retract that descriptive phrase.  Most Goats are loners - or they have just one very good chum for a lifetime of chumming.  Never more than three.  That's a rule written into the Saturnine Constitution, called the Third Saturnine Amendment.  When it comes to people-picking, a Capricorn's first choice for good company is often another Goat.  If not, then some other Earth Sign, followed in preference by a Water Sign.  Most of them tend to be extremely wary of Fire and Air Signs, and this may be one of their few misjudgments, because life requires a mixture of personalities to be interesting. 

A Capricorn seldom complains about another Capricorn's faults and failings, which is quite sensible of them, because they have the same faults and failings.  It's like criticizing yourself.  They also benignly smile upon each other's virtues, which again, is only natural.  Like all other Sun Signs, most Goats think their faults are great strengths, and so when they see them reflected in another Saturn person, they approve. 

Almost every Capricorn is devoted to relatives and family, sometimes grudgingly, and with a sigh of resignation, but nevertheless, devoted.  Once in a while one of this typical family-worshipping Cappies enters an association or relationship with the rare kind of Goat who has, for heavy and soul-wrenching reasons, cut ties with his or her family.  The first or typical Cappy will deeply sympathize with such a situation, and have the good sense not to nag the other about it, but he or she will be secretly very deeply affected and will treat the Goat who is separated from

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