always be painted the clear image of the look of utter puzzlement and annoyance in the chocolate-brown, steady eyes of my Capricorn daughter, Jill, when her dreamy-eyed, slightly pixilated, Aquarian brother, Bill, walks into the room - dangling weird sentences, wearing a hairstyle like no other human has ever worn, his feet sporting one red sock and one yellow sock, carefully hiding his genius IQ beneath mumbles of, "Cool, man, cool." 

To give Capricorn credit, after Aquarius blazes the pathway to new inventions and discoveries, the Goats come plodding along to guard the wonders and the miracles - to make them practical enough to eventually benefit us and keep the planet spinning on course.  One of the areas of dissension between these two is that Cappies will accept nothing without rigid scrutiny, often through negative criticism.  They allow no fallacy or incoherence to cause them to believe the unbelievable.  Normally, the Goat will insist on having the meaning of every word they speak clearly understood before they utter it, the meaning of every idea or proposition clarified in their own minds before presentation.  Suggestions that don't meet these strict standards are frequently discarded or deliberately stifled, whereas Aquarius questions all things with two eyes - the cold eye of scientific dissection and the perceptive eye of lightning intuition.  The true Water Bearer isn't sure the idea Capricorn is trying to stifle is a false one, and even if it were, the Uranus-ruled believe that stifling it would be an evil in itself.  "Live and let live" is the Aquarian motto.  "Get rid of the dead wood, and save only what is useful" is the Capricorn motto.  "Save everything, because eventually
all will be useful in the light of new understanding" argues back Aquarius.  I have no intention of entering their argument.  So we'll leave them here, with only the suggestion that Aquarians might do well to pull up their socks - and the Goats might have more fun if they learned to play with a yo-yo. 

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