double take.  Aquarius will wonder what all the fuss is all about.  What difference does it make anyway?  I mean, didn't you ever get to wondering if a Brussels sprout would sprout in a glass of water, like other plants do - and get curious about the same time you started to take a shower?  Doesn't everyone? 

No.  Everyone does not.  Capricorn, especially, never wonders about anything that isn't practical.  The Goat is unconcerned about whether Brussels sprout will sprout in water, or whether cauliflower will flower, for that matter - unless he (or she) is a gardener by profession or owns a vegetable market.  Even then, Cappy's most consuming interest will be profit and loss.  Capricorns of both sexes need the security quilt of a reasonable bank balance to avoid breaking out in a rash, with their ultra-sensitive but often lovely and translucent skins.  Not as large a bank balance as Cancer needs to prevent trembling in terror of poverty, but reasonable. 

Aquarius seldom does anything reasonable by Saturn standards.  To Aquarius, a thing is reasonable if it adds to the knowledge of the world and what makes it spin on its axis.  Never mind what other people think.  What other people think is the last thing Aquarius worries about.  The very
last.  The next-to-the-last thing these Water Bearers worry about would be, let's see… social customs and personal appearance.  Typical Aquarians make their own social customs, set their own rules.  As for the Uranian appearance, these people sometimes look so strange and unreal in their choice of threads and hair styles (weird is actually the more fitting word) that you'd be surprised how many of them are mistaken for immigrants from an errant UFO.  This studied carelessness and originality of dress, manners, and public opinion naturally mortifies and distresses Capricorn, to whom the most important thing in Life is to be well thought of by one's neighbours.  No, first by the members of one's family.  Then the neighbours.  After that - friends, acquaintances, and business associates.  On reflection, perhaps best to reverse the order, and place business associates first.  And finally… the whole world.  It would disturb the typical Cappy if some stranger in Scotland didn't approve of his (or her) shoes, and the Goat somehow got wind of this humiliation.  That's another thing.  Along with Pisces and Virgo, Capricorns are all uncommonly interested in their booties.  Their footwear is a major concern - and the purchase of new shoes or boots is a matter to be considered carefully, from all angles, with the cost, the proper fit, and the serviceability of equal importance. 

There are, however, some ways in which these two are alike.  One of them is that the judgments made by Aquarians are based on firm principles and rockbound facts (something most people don't realize).  These always determine the final decisions of both Sun Signs.  But Uranus bestows upon Aquarius flashing streaks of intuition, enabling Water Bearers to skip over all the
useless principles and rockbound facts to the real truth, somewhere beyond.  Still, he or she began the judgment with principles and rockbound facts.  I know it's a little confusing but 'confusing' is a word invented by Uranus people.  Aquarians think and plan so far ahead, with such an odd mixture of practicality and vision, their ideas and ideals may not manifest for many years - so they appear to be dreamers to the average mind, particularly to the level-headed Capricorn.  You must always remember that Aquarius is the sign of genius and insanity, in just about equal proportions.  The Goat sympathizes with neither.  In fact, to most Capricorns, the two words are synonymous (which they are, in an intricate way).  So there could be problems of communication. 

It's usually difficult for Capricorn to believe in the illogical, the unreasonable, the impractical, or the nonfactual.  To Aquarius, there is not such word as impossible in the Uranus dictionary, and the Water Bearers believe it should also be stricken from every thesaurus, unless it's defined as a word describing an attitude that should be avoided.  Aquarians all have in common a most curious, inquiring nature.  They're unusually susceptible to the illumination of inspiration, having few or no prejudices - and this include prejudice against facts.  Aquarius has nothing against a theory with facts to support it.  The Uranus-ruled mind

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