visions, despite ridicule, lack of interest, and being cheated out of his rewards for his life's work until after his death.  Every Moon Child is made of the stuff of which Helen Keller and Nikola Tesla were made. 

Conversely, Cancer might reflect upon what life would be like today had it not been for Libra's desire for justice and need for creative expression - had the world not been blessed with the adaptability and peacemaking talents of Librans such as Dwight Eisenhower, George Westinghouse, and Guiseppe Verdi.  Without their Venus abilities to create music for the soul, to be just compromisers who yet never compromised moral values, we might still be involved in World War II, our railroads would not be safe, and the Crab could not listen to the soaring sounds of
Ada to calm his or her spirit.  It was Mahatma Gandhi, the Libran peacemaker, who blended the teachings of Hinduism with the Nazarene's 'Sermon on the Mount' - in perfect harmony. 

Once Cancer and Libra have learned to genuinely appreciate one another, great magic can result.  An excellent example of this is the statement of Cancerian Crab Tesla, regarding Libran George Westinghouse:  "If other industrial firms had been so fair and liberal, and as just as George, I could have offered the world so much more."  Cancer and Libra should meditate upon those twenty-four words for a long, long time.  They contain a mighty message.  For both of them.  Equally. 

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