enough to be around them when they're feeling funny. 

When a Moon Child and a Libran are thrown together, for a while it can be a melodious scene.  Librans adore laughter, and the Lunar humour of Cancer becomes a rhythmical lyric to the mellow music of the Libra's Venus essence, smooth and restful at times, yet also containing a few crashing chords and sour notes, punctuated by a kind of rocky roll.  It's pure entertainment, and happy and fortunate indeed are the innocent bystanders around the home or office brightened by the musical duets of this combo when they're getting along.  (The innocent bystanders should enjoy it while it lasts.)  I say home or office because Destiny frequently places the 4-10 combinations in a life situation related closely to the home and the career.  They seem to harmonize more easily around the family circle as relatives, as business associates, or in a classroom, than as friends, lovers or mates.  (But regarding the latter, don't forget that challenge, and its golden rewards.) 

Actually, the Crab and the Libran have more basic empathy to aid them in overcoming their difficulties than some of the other 4-10 Patterns because, although their personalities often clash, their ruling planets - the Moon and Venus respectively - are sympathetic.  Since the Sun rules the personality and the Moon rules the emotions, these two can reach one another more easily through the
emotions than through the more obvious and outward ways.  The problem is that it's never a simple thing to break through a Crab shell to the Moon person's true emotional nature.  It's well protected from hurt, and needs much careful coaching. 

Libra is tolerant, and stands a good chance of touching the Lunar person's emotions with a gentle attitude… and waiting.  But unfortunately, the fact that Libra is essentially gentle and tolerant may not be quite enough.  For the Moon-ruled man or woman (or child) can be sensitive beyond belief.  Despite the innate Libran kindness, Libra being an Air Sign, is often too intent upon logic, too little aware of the Crab's or anyone else's sensitivity.  Librans make excellent lawyers and wise judges, but with few exceptions, as fair as they may be, they make poor psychologists.  Libra isn't concerned with the meaning-behind-the-meaning, only with the fascinating game of human action and reaction, on the surface level.  That sort of attitude will never get beneath Cancer's crusty shell.  Libra will have o practise more in-depth compassion with Cancer, if this man or woman wants to understand what makes the Crab symbolically crawl in such a sideways fashion, instead of being direct and getting to the point. 

One of the chief differences between their natures is that Libra is 'other people' oriented and Cancer is 'self-oriented.'  If it sounds as though astrology is saying that Cancer is more selfish than Libra, it
should sound that way, because that's precisely what it means.  The average Libran is demonstrably more concerned about the problems of friends, of a particular business or of the world at large, than about his or her own personal problems, which seem to roll off Libra's back with a shrug of the shoulders and the logical deduction that things can go nowhere from Down except Up.  These men and women are outgoing extroverts, whereas the Moon people are more introverted - and protective of Number One.  True, many Cancerians are gentle, imaginative and sensitive folk, often very loving and affectionate, nonetheless, their most intense concentration is upon themselves. 

Since concentration upon the self is an unhealthy emotional attitude which never fails to eventually bring on some degree of poor health, the Crabs are ill more frequently than they need to be.  Libra illnesses are more often seeded in permissive living, an indulgent lifestyle, the tendency to gregariousness, their love of parties, overeating and overdrinking and overworking.  All of which causes the Crab to fuss and worry, and inform Libra that he or she is burning the candle at both ends.  (How else
could Libra burn a candle, and still be fair to the candle?) 

Money is another area where these two usually see in opposite directions.  Librans are not unduly wasteful or extravagant, but money isn't the Big Thing to them as it is to Cancer.  To the Crabs, financial security and

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