emotional security are of equal importance.  Possessing only one of these, and lacking the other, they can be pretty cranky and miserable.  Possessing neither causes them to be so snappy and impossible even their mothers couldn't love them, and for Cancer, that's a rare and painful experience.  But when Cancer possesses both kinds of security, the Moon person is magically transfigured into one of the most docile, dear, and tender human beings anyone could possibly ask for, including Libra, who sometimes asks a great deal of people, expecting everyone's character and personality pluses and minuses to come out exactly even, and not a micrometer off center. 

Despite Cancer's apparent poor health and lack of physical strength, these people are, in the final analysis, much tougher in the art of surviving mentally, physically, and emotionally than Libra.  After the deck is shuffled, Libra is he more likely to give in to mental pressure and suffer a nervous breakdown, be broken hearted over emotional disappointments, or succumb to serious illness when the Scales are out of balance.  When Cancer is ill, it may last a long time, true, but only because the Crab hangs on so tenaciously to everything, and sadly, seldom separates the positive from the negative.  The Crab reaches out almost blindly, grabs hold, and hangs in there for dear life.  Sometimes it takes Libra's gentle reminder to bring a moon person to his or her senses, to the realization that what is being clung to so fiercely is best released.  Letting go is not easy for Cancer, and Libra will have some frustrating experiences, trying to pry the Crab's claws loose from bad habits, wrong ideas and groundless fears. 

This kind of tug-of-war is invisibly wearing on the delicate balance of Libra's nervous system over a long period, and can bring on a kind of exhaustion of the spirit, which can, in turn, lead to lethargy and deep wells of unhappiness, not to mention considerably dampening Libra's normal cheerful, affectionate, and optimistic nature.  In Nature, as with people, an overabundance of water can make air soggy, and clammy, just as the right amount of water can make air moist, and exhilarating. 

Libra is wasting time trying to keep a secret from Cancer.  The Crabs will use every sly maneuver imaginable to pry out of a person what they wish to know.  Cancer asks, "What does so-and-so think of me, honestly?"  Libra replies, "I don't think I should take sides."  Cancer says, "That's not
fair of you, haven't I supplied information you needed badly, lots of times?"  Libra hesitates, then sighs, gives in, and tells the Crab what he or she wants to know, being careful to list all the good things said, along with the bad.  After Cancer hears the sought-for answer, the Crab may snap, "I thought so.  I'll never speak to that person again," then leave the room in a huff; also leaving Libra nearly in tears over being forced into the position of agitator, when every fiber of Libra's being is designed in the pattern of peacemaker.  Crabs are ultra-ultra-ultra-sensitive to the slightest criticism, and very tricky in ferreting out the whole truth, then either weeping in hurt or snapping in anger over only half the truth - and you know how an emphasis on only half of something drives Libra wild. 

The best way for Libra and Cancer to make mellow music together is for each of them to concentrate almost constantly on the very real virtues of the other, even though those traits may be markedly different in each.  Libra must remember that the imaginative dreams of Cancer, blended with Cancer's incredible tenacity, are what allowed Moon Maiden Helen Keller to triumph so gloriously over the affliction of being struck deaf and blind at the age of nineteen months.  She graduated cum laude from Radcliffe College, learned to knit, crochet, and use a typewriter, to swim, row a boat, and ride a bicycle.  Traveling around the world, she gave inspirational talks (when she had so briefly ever heard the sound of a human voice) and wrote numerous books and articles to uplife the faith of others.  Likewise, the sensitivity, insight, and perseverance of Cancer allowed Crab Nikola Tesla to use his remarkable memory and inventive genius to conceive of electronic miracles years ahead of his time, to be the first to implement the practical use of AC (or alternating electrical current), to patent 140 inventions of great practical value to Earthlings, one of which made possible the conception of radio broadcasting and receiving circuits used today - and to hang on to his Lunar dreams and

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