and not verbalized.  It is, nevertheless, felt or sensed. 

The typical Aries man or woman isn't looking for reasonable discussions or cool, sensible Virgo remarks about right and wrong, what's proper and practical, and what is not.  Rams respond beautifully to generosity of spirit in others - and quite unpleasantly to stuffiness or criticism.  Aries will often rebel and struggle for identity in a close association with a Virgo because he (or she) considers calm, rational talks a cold substitution for affectionate warmth, friendliness, and an open-hearted manner. 

Yet, when there's a favorable aspect between the Sun and Moon in the charts, Aries and Virgo can grace on another with many mutual blessings.  In an Aries-Virgo association where there is such a harmonious Luminary influence, the Ram may surprise himself (or herself) by following Virgo's quiet example and paying serious attention to Virgo's always well-meant and helpful advice.  And the Virgins will surprise themselves too, by allowing the Rams to coax them into losing many of their inhibitions and dropping a few layers of heir usually sedate behaviour.  All it really takes for this combination to blend smoothly is for each person to spend more time concentrating on the virtues of the other, rather than dwelling on the differences. 

The clerk in the supermarket who frowns at the cash register and crankily scolds you for not taking your place in line is probably a Virgo.  But the softly smiling, mild-mannered, and bright clerk who courteously answers your questions about where the soybean patties are kept and when the fresh melons will be available, and cheerfully helps you pick up the things that spilled from your cart is probably also a Virgo. 

The customer who aggressively demands to be waited on immediately in a store, then leaves all the pegs hanging in the dressing room, after trying them on impatiently and deciding they all look dreadful - is probably an Aries.  But the friendly, trusting person who will loan a stranded, out-of-town stranger ten dollars without asking why it's needed is probably also an Aries. 

The thing of which Virgo is seldom aware is that Aries senses unerringly whether the Virgin's concern over his or her welfare stems from genuine devotion, affection and friendliness - or merely from a dutiful obligation.  And when it stems from the latter, the Ram would just as soon try to manage alone as to accept help from someone whose true sympathy and heart isn't involved in the offer, however much he (or she) may need Virgo's assistance and advice. 

As far apart as they seem to be at first glance, however, Aries and Virgo can stumble upon some happy surprises when they hike along together and take care to avoid the thistles, brambles, and thorns of disagreement.  In the Ram, the Virgins can find someone really worthy of helping toward achievement, someone who will generously shower Virgo with a warmly enthusiastic and touching gratitude in return, someone who may even be able to unlock the little doors of those Virgo inhibitions and private longings.  In the Virgin, the Rams can find the sincere appreciation they need - and a heart as honest and loyal as their own.  Virgo can teach Aries to discover beauty in small things, to know the wisdom of waiting - to believe in the eventual success of patience.  Aries can teach Virgos to discover and believe in themselves. 

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