Still, regardless of all these split-offs in their personality patterns, the Ram and the Virgin, when their paths cross, can find a strange comfort in their relationship.  If it's business, admiration and respect - and a mutual desire to help one another - will nearly always result from the association.  If it's friendship, it will probably take a business twist somewhere along the way.  In the family circle, there's also much warm satisfaction possible through this blending of the two divergent natures, influenced by the 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern vibration. 

Aries and Virgo often confide things in each other they would never tell anyone else.  They seem to sense that the mutual trust implied by intimate confession won't be violated - and it seldom is, though the Ram may find it hard to conceive of how the situation described by Virgo could ever have developed, considering his or her own outlook.  Likewise, the Virgin will sincerely sympathize with the Ram's experiences, even while privately failing to comprehend why they were ever permitted to occur. 

Yet, no matter how close Aries and Virgo may be, Aries will feel deeply Virgo's frown of displeasure when he (or she) is late for an appointment, goofs off, or becomes careless and irresponsible.  It's never as easy for the Ram to enjoy work as it is for the Virgin.  What Aries views as harmless procrastination, Virgo interprets as an almost sinful waste of valuable time.  Of course, after office, study, or family obligations are properly attended to (all of which may take endless time and attention), when there are no guilty twinges because everything is nicely snuggled away in its own cubbyhole - the Virgins often lead rather interesting and, in rare cases, even shockingly unorthodox private lives, when they lose their compulsive worries. 

Sooner or later, after these two have spent a reasonable amount of time together, the Rams will be sure to remind Virgo of his or her inclination toward unnecessary worry and receive a reply like, "What compulsive worries?  I don't allow things to bother me to excess."  Whereupon Aries is like to retort, "Oh, no?  How about the morning last week when you missed your daily shower because you couldn't find the Ivory Soap, and you won't use any other kind - spilled a drop of ink on your shoe, and found a fly in your soup at lunch?  You had a splitting headache and nervous indigestion for days afterward." 

The Virgo rejoinder probably would be, "That is somewhat exaggerated and incorrect.  The indigestion lasted only three hours and forty-five minutes, and it was caused by that dreadful, greasy soup I ate, not by my nerves.  The headache lasted sixty-five minutes - not several days - and was the result of my not getting enough sleep the night before, not from compulsive worries.  I missed my shower, not because I couldn't find the particular bar of soap I always use, but because I was late for an appointment.  As for the ink, naturally I was a little upset about ruining a twenty-two dollar pair of shoes I've only worn for a couple of years.  I can't afford to be as casual about money as you are." 

That last remark is Virgo's tactful way of accusing Aries of being extravagant.  Virgos are careful to maintain scrupulous politeness when they're annoyed, so their irritability is softened by their typical courtesy. 

Because Virgos are so analytical and fond of clarity, Aries people are inclined to look at them as picky and cold.  Far from being cold, however, Virgos are the most inwardly sentimental of all the Sun Signs.  (The important word in that sentence is 'inwardly.'  It causes all the misunderstandings.)  Their very discrimination itself implies high ideals for things and people to live up to, and when they don't - well, anyone would be cranky once in a while, from being so constantly disillusioned.  Virgos are frequently nervous around Aries people because the Virgins dislike being openly firm - and dealing with a Ram requires, at times, being openly firm.  The Arien impulsiveness can cause Virgo to feel secretly inadequate because of being helpless to change a situation, so they'll sometimes try to cover the feeling with a judgmental attitude - a kind of silent disapproval.  It doesn't really matter what kind it is.  Any kind of disapproval will annoy Aries, even if it's only vaguely implied

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