Aries roller coaster existence.  It's a strange and lovely thing that music, in any form, will almost always serve to build a bridge of understanding between Aries and Taurus an deal some of the hurt caused by each other's personality differences, which can be vast. 

Since the Sun is exulted in Aries, these people frequently feel that victory has been won before the battle.  Every Ram feels an identification with Birth, Spring and the ecstasy of Easter - the resurrection.  It's the reason for that soul's existence - the miracle he (or she) possesses to innocently offer other Sun Signs - the way Aries people serve both mankind and their true, inner self.  Aries believes in the triumph of Life over Death, of Faith over Doubt.  However, behind his (or her) bravado lurks the peculiar emotional insecurity of the Ram (those karmic memory seeds from Pisces, just behind Aries, on the astrological circle) - and the attempts of an Earth Sign to hold him (or her) back in any way only result in an increase of this hidden vulnerability.  The, an Aries person will either suddenly and violently, shatter all ties with the smothering Taurean - or submit, a fall into a sad neurosis, completely unnatural to Mars Life Force. 

For the reason that the combining of Mars determination with Taurean will fullness creates an immense amount of sheer power, ancient astrologers warned that a blend of the Aries-Taurus qualities, if not carefully balanced, can result in great cruelty.  Adolph Hitler's severely afflicted Taurus Sun and Aries Ascendant (plus other negative natal aspects) is the classic example of this warning ignored.  It can occur within the birth chart of one individual - or become manifest through an association between a Ram and a Bull, depending always on the planetary positions of both at birth.  The tendency may, of course, be overcome, through enlightenment, and many Rams and Bulls produce an equally powerful alchemy of kindness and beneficence via their association.  But there are, unfortunately, for example, some Aries and Taurus people who channel such negativity by becoming 'hunters-for-sport', expressing the dark side of Aries courage and Taurus strength in a cruel manner, which causes them to be, instead, if they only comprehended it - cowardly - in the worst sort of way.  Shooting a wild animal in cold blood, including deer, rabbits, ducks, pheasants and all our feathered friends in the sky - then carrying the silent corpse through town, as a trophy of macho, is a pathetic kind of cowardice in its lowest form - and the demonstration of 'manhood' or 'womanhood' some believe it to be. 

If the Sun and Moon in the birth charts of the Ram and the Bull are inharmoniously aspected, in mutual Luminary relation to each other, the danger of cruelty must be guarded against carefully.  However, when the natal Sun of the Ram is beneficently aspected to the natal Moon of the Bull (or vice versa) and if their mutual Ascendants are also harmonious, in a triple exchanged aspect, Taurus can help Aries soar to the heights of happiness and serendipity by supporting the Ram's emotional balloon flights of fancy with warm, kindly patience (also by providing a comforting, soft patch of Earth to fall on when the string breaks.)  And the Ram can lead Taurus to the higher slopes of the imagination, up where the windswept view of the future is as huge and grand as the Bull's own sturdy dreams. 

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