Bulls are inclined to be reserved, practical, usually sparing with words and self-sufficient, though somewhat pessimistic.  They pursue stability, solitude and sure things - and they require lots of rest and tranquility to make life bearable. 

You can see right away that these people are not the Bobbsey Twins.  Their inner motivations, not to mention their outward actions, tend to wander in divergent directions.  However, sometimes it's beneficial to knock around with someone who possesses the qualities you lack.  Because this is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern association, the Taurean is more apt to be tolerant and sympathetic toward the Ram, and the Aries will try to imitate the Bull's placid stability.  After all, placid stability is more or less synonymous with strength, and Aries people will try anything - even if it's against their natures - to gain more strength.  Weakness is a four letter word to both the Ram and the Bull. 

Although Bulls are equally fond of strength they're temporarily (until their true ruler, PAN-HORUS, is 'discovered' and named) ruled by Venus, which tempers the whole thing somewhat, so they're not as intense about proving it or flaunting it as the Mars-ruled Arien.  Taureans understand the compulsion behind Aries courage and flashing independence, since every Sun Sign carries the seeds or karmic memory of the qualities of the sign immediately preceding it in the zodiac, as with every 2-12 Pattern.  But because the Bull has already been there, in an unconscious sense, he's also aware of the pitfalls involved in throwing caution to the four winds.  The Taurus goal of financial security, however, can often be obtained through cooperation with the tireless drive and energy of the Mars person, and Taureans instinctively know this, which is one reason why they're attracted to Aries in the first place. 

As for the Ram, he or she secretly envies the Taurus reserve and sensible outlook, and could profit immensely from being exposed to the Bull's realistic approach to life.  Every Sun Sign unconsciously senses there are lessons to be learned from the sign immediately following or ahead of it in the zodiac, in a 2-12 vibration.  This is why Aries feels drawn by the dependability of Taurus, as something tangible to lean on when the Mar's brashness brings on a shower of trouble. 

If a free flow of give-and-take can be established between the Bull and the Ram, their natures could blend in such a way that each could attain with the other, through their association, what it would be difficult to realize alone.  The danger inherent in the mixing of their Mars-Venus auras is that the Ram, on occasion, may exasperate the Bull beyond his (or her) great limits of endurance, until the Taurean finally makes up that every stubborn Bull mind, after long deliberation, that it's no longer worth the effort.  Conversely, there's always the possibility that the Bull may so frequently refuse to catch fire from the Ram's many flaming ideas, sparks of ideals and dreams, that the Aries person will eventually leave in desperation for long periods of time, without relief. 

The Ram may be puzzled, and frequently frustrated, by the Bull's periodic spells of melancholy and introversion, even though its relieved by lots of fun and giggles and from time to time may coax the Bull into parties and social activities, which if it's not overdone, may help to balance the Taurean's instinctive 'loner instinct' - a trait best not overemphasized. 

Encouraging the Bull of either sex, or any age, to express the innate Taurus love of form and colour in music and art - or suggesting ways to retreat to the fields, woods and hills (all Bulls have an intense, even if buried, love of Nature) - are all ways the Aries person can use to coax Taurus into more placidity and peace. 

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