Libran Venus nature, the Libra man or woman will return the favour with much affection and cheerful encouragement, which will considerably lift the Aries spirit.  Librans would much rather be happy and pleasant than cranky and argumentative, if Aries would only play fair with them. 

Someone once remarked that Librans are the positive, living proof of reincarnation, because nobody could become that impossible in just one lifetime.  Present a Libran with this theory, and the reply will be, "Oh, I've heard that about Aries people, but nor Libra.  Isn't Libra symbolized by the Scales of Justice and Truth?  I don't see anything 'impossible' in trying to be reasonable.  On the other hand, Aries is a most
unreasonable sign, and I thinků"  A smart Ram, at that point, will offer the Libra man or woman a slice of cheese cake.  He (or she) will dimple, all smiles and sweetness again (since Librans love sweets), and the argument will be over.  It's just as well, the Ram couldn't have won it anyway.  Besides, losing an argument with Libra is usually beneficial in the long run, because the Venus judgment is nearly always right.  By the time it's so endlessly weighed and measured and balanced - and discussed and debated - it certainly ought to be. 

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