in the opposite Sun Sign of Aries.  It works both ways. 

If you want to test people's grasp of astrological knowledge, ask them which one of these two of these Sun Signs has the most violent temper.  Before you jump to any hasty conclusions,
think.  Libra is Air and Aries is Fire.  Fire seems more volatile and violent than Air, but Libra is the Cardinal of the three air signs - and Cardinal means 'leader,' among other things.  Aries is also Cardinal, yet you must remember that in Nature air is not as innocent an element as it means when it becomes aggressive.  Have you ever watched a nice, calm, 'nonviolent' tornado, cyclone or hurricane?  The quiet steam compose of moist 'air,' that drifts out of the spout of a teakettle can be turned into a force powerful enough to rip up the ground for miles around.  Also consider that the chief constituent of air is nitrogen.  Nitrogen may be an inert gas, but it's the principle reason why explosives explode.  So - which one has the most dangerous temper, Aries or Libra?  You decide.  (But don't ask Libra to decide, if you're in a hurry for an answer.)  I didn't say which one is the noisiest when angry/  I said the most dangerous.  If you study this paragraph carefully, you'll see why people are puzzled when most astrology books, referring to the Venus rulership of Libra, describe all Librans as peaceful, gentle, beautiful, sweet, and calm.  They are all those things - half the time.  And I suppose we must confess that Aries could profit by trying to imitate some of those positive Libra personality patterns. 

These two will at times argue instinctively, but it all fairness, when a conflict between a Libran and a Ram develops, the object of the quarrel to Libra is (usually) to win and achieve eventual peace and justice.  The object of most quarrels to Ariens is (usually) to win and prove they're right (even when they're wrong) to satisfy the considerable Mars ego. 

An association between Aries and Libra, influenced by the 7-7 Sun Sign Pattern, is in most cases a fortunate experience for both.  But if there's a negative Sun-Moon aspects between their horoscopes, there can be some fiery and windy periods of tension and conflict.  With a harmonious Luminary exchange, Libra will provide a rich atmosphere of freedom of thought and action that will richly nourish the self-confidence of the Rams.  He typical Libran will usually treat Aries with gentleness, seldom with tyranny or harsh words - and this is an attitude designed to bring out the very best in the Mars nature, to encourage the finest qualities of the Ram to flower.  Instead of trying to force Aries into any particular pattern of behaviour, Libra will more often recognize the Arien individuality and respect it. 

Under the natural instinct to imitate the opposite Sun Sign, a Ram will frequently discover that a relationship with a Libran friend, relative, business associate, lover, or mate leaves him (or her) with the Mars courage and intense drive intact, but softened into more tolerant and balanced Venus pattern.  Conversely, the Libran man, woman or child will respond to the Arien friend, relative, business associate, lover, or mate by finding his (or her) indecision, gradually turning into a firmer purpose, inspired by the Aries ambition into higher achievement, on both a personal and a public level.  As with all 7-7 vibrations, this combination works best when it's composed of two members of the opposite sex.  With a Libran or a Ram of the same sex, a recurring sense of envy, resentment, and competition will often trouble the relationship (unless the Suns, Moons, and Ascendants of each are in friendly aspect in the two nativities). 

The Ram will have to try to understand the Libra's very real need to conserve his or her energy and not waste it unnecessarily, as Aries is often driven to do with Mars energy.  It's Libra's way of maintaining physical and emotional poise - not laziness.  When the Ram sincerely tries to see both sides of any disagreement between them and makes a genuine effort to sympathize with the

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