where honesty ends and self-deception begins.  It's their innocence, or ignorance, whichever, of their own individual natures.  In other words, they're both as expert at selling themselves as they are at selling the general public.  If the product being sold isn't genuine, the Gemini will usually be the first of the two of them to suspect it, with Mercury's sharp, analytical mind, although Gemini is capable of outsmarting himself (or herself), by continuing to imagine it still may be what he-she originally believed it was.  As for Aries, it's extremely difficult for this Sun Sign to tell the difference between what glitters so enticingly - and real gold.  Such discrimination is learned by the Ram only after repeated, heart-breaking disillusion and disappointment. 

I've been referring to the 'two of them'.  Actually, perhaps I should say the 'three of them', because, although Aries is clearly one person, indivisible, 'with liberty and justice for all,' every Gemini is distinctly two people, the person he-she really is… and the very person she-he would like to be.  The Twins, you know.  And the Mars ego of the Ram - almost a separate entity in itself - and it can get pretty crowded, with all those auras mixing, attracting and repelling, blending and clashing, by turns.  It's not a bad idea for these two Sun Sign people, essentially compatible as they are, to stand apart at intervals, and take a fresh look at each other from a distance.  It clears away some of the smog that's bound to accumulate between them. 

Aries pushes ahead instinctively, convinced of the sincerity of cause, as well as the eventual victory, with little or no time out to reflect on the pros and cons of any given situation or problem.  Conversely, Gemini weighs, sorts and figures out all possible maneuvers and conclusions with the cool, casual detachment and logic so typical of all three Air Signs (Aquarius and Libra being the other two).  Yet for all Gemini's mental gymnastics, practicality may be missing.  Gemini can quickly deduce what might be wrong but often decides to outwit destiny or fate, and even himself (or herself) by clever Mercurial strategy.  There are other differences of approach between these two. 

Aries, influenced by a Cardinal Sign, will insist on being at the
head of things, leading, challenging, always initiating and inspiring, with enthusiasm and daring.  The Ram will accept just about any idea, sound or unsound, that appeals to and arouses the emotions - to which the ego can relate in a personal way.  Mutable Gemini prefers to relate in an impersonal manner, and will accept ideas that appeal to the mental deductive process, communicating through the logic and cleverness of Mercury reason, while the true self remains in the background, watching - unsuspected by those who are being hypnotized with the Gemini charm. 

Aries enjoys riding the lead elephant and waving to the crowd, but the Twins have no burning desire to be the glory-spangled hero or heroine.  Gemini would rather delegate all the confining duties and obligations of leadership to others, remaining free of responsibility, free to try on new ideas for size… to explore new people, places and things.  The Geminian analysis is less intense than that of Aries, since everything is calmly checked through the computer of the mind for possible flaws - or potential.  Although the Gemini approach is essentially mental, the Twin's sympathize with the Ram's emotional approach, even while remaining detached from such over-involvement himself (or herself).  Mercury-ruled men and women understand the Mars reckless impulses.  Nevertheless, they realize that their own best course is to avoid becoming emotionally entangled, whenever possible. 

Close human associations that threatens to smother, long-term employment without either change or challenge - anything that nails down their dreams or clips Mercury's wings, Geminis distrust, for fear their very spirits will be confined.  The Air Sign of Gemini strives to soar above the flames that rage around the Fire Sign of Aries.  By remaining aloof and slightly out of reach, Gemini more often manages to achieve the kind of freedom Aries also seeks but doesn't always find.  Of course, too much mental and emotional freedom can create its own confusions, and when the Twins get caught in the webs of their own mental

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