convolutions, the very directness of the Ram can sometimes help to untangle the knots. 

Fortunately, the typical Aries person not only senses the duality of Gemini, but is usually willing to give it room to
be.  That's why the association is frequently beneficial to the Geminian, because understanding - or the lack of understanding - concerning his (or her) dreams has a great deal to do with whether they come true, simply grow rusty, or become only will-o'-the-wisps.  Gemini eternally chases but never catches.  A Gemini will dream from the time he-she is a tiny tot, until past the century mark.  To most people, Mercury's curiosity and experimental urges seem like a patchwork of erratic, changing attention spans, but the Ram seems to recognize that all these myriad interests are only Gemini's attempt to integrate the many-sided, fascinating-to-Aries, Mercurial personality. 

An Aries person is less likely to resent the Gemini's flitting from subject to subject.  In the search for all the answers, while shooting forth a continual flow of imagination and static energy.  Interrupting a Mercury Bird when he-she is verbally expressing is like trying to catch a firefly, and oddly, the Rams (who are rather experts at interrupting themselves) comprehend this.  These two continually interrupt each other, with a mutual lack of resentment, a most jolly thing about their association. 

If there's a negative aspect between the Sun and Moon or Ascendant in their birth charts, Aries may accuse Gemini of too much woolgathering and not enough concrete action, and will try to box Gemini into direct answers.  Then the satirical tongue of Gemini may wound the Ram's easily bruised ego, and there will be a fiery battle, with sparks flying everywhere, as Gemini's airy attitude fans the flames of Mars anger.  Still, the winds will change, after a while, even after the stormiest scenes… and bitterness is seldom allowed by either of them to linger.  As with all 3-11 vibrational patterns, Aries and Gemini are basically good friends, and most always remain that way, in addition to being able to verbally communicate their differences of opinions to such an extent that they clear the air for a resumption of harmony. 

The Mercurial mind of Gemini, no matter how cleverly it's occasionally disguised behind a mask of calm and charm, resembles a top.  Always spinning.  Aries will happily jump on for the ride, and probably enjoy the dizzy pace.  As long as the Ram doesn't try to chain Gemini's free spirit with too many questions and demands, it will work out rather smoothly between these two.  (These four, counting the Ram, the Twins and the Mars ego.)  Aries and Gemini can build sand castles from the colourful ethers of their combined thought images tall enough to reach all the way to the stars.  But the foundation must be sound and stable, or they'll topple to the ground.  If they build strongly in the beginning, the end could be really out of sight - all rainbows, butterflies and leprechauns.  Patience is the secret key to the other side of the fence, where the grass always looks greener and fresher to both Aries and Gemini, the eternal young ones, who search for Shangri-la, the Emerald City of Oz, Wonderland and the Fountain of Youth.  Together, they have a better chance of finding all these places than most people… or than they would have if they each searched alone. 

Some people love with restraint
as if they were someday to hate
but we hated gently, carefully
as if we were someday to love…

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