and children.  Both Sun Signs are tough climbers.  But the Goat's final destination is the very top of the mountain, the only place where he (or she) feels really secure.  To the rare, more gregarious Ram, who makes it up that high, the top of the mountain is a lonely spot, with no more challenges - and what is Life without the thrill of danger?  For Capricorn - peaceful.  For Aries - boring

How old am I?  I'll be 92 next Christmas
though I won't admit to one day over 20…
even after all the birthday cards are cut and shuffled
it's hard to figure

I've aged at least 500 years since I stumbled into you;
yet I still believe in faerie tales
like the Princess and the Frog
and I still believe you wanted me…
perhaps I'm only three or so? 

you'll never know… how old I am
but I'll tell you anyway
I was born the hour I met you… and died today. 

(From Venus Trines at Midnight by Linda Goodman)

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