Aries reasons for forming any kind of human relationship or association are always impulsive and idealistic, governed by the emotions.  Capricorns have more practical motivations.  Although goats quite understandably resent the astrological implication that many of them are inclined to 'marry up the social or financial ladder,' it's nevertheless more often true of Cappy than of Aries.  It's not that Capricorns are cold and calculating.  After all, they're just thinking of those yet-to-be-born youngsters.  Not only are they going to wear shoes, they're going to wear good shoes, because a podiatrist is frightfully expensive.  And they're certainly not going to suffer (the children, not the podiatrists) in the future for any romantic flings of the present.  This is why Cappy is often horrified to hear about a couple of friends, living in unwedded bliss, who plan to give up their jobs and plan to bike across Europe, for a year or so.  It isn't the lack of the marriage certificate alone that disturbs the Goat.  What if she should get pregnant over there?  And if he gives up a perfectly good job, how will they ever afford to get the children's teeth straightened? 

Now, this may shock a few of the Cappies reading it, down to the toes of their sensible boots, but we're into the Aquarian Age, my dears, and the girl and her beau in our example are experimenting with a trial marriage.  You see, they aren't planning to have any children with crooked teeth or toes, until they're sure they can stand each other long enough to raise a family with some sense of permanency.  If it doesn't work out, they'll part s friends (usually) - much sadder, but also considerably wiser. 

The typical Aries reaction to such an arrangement is rather touchingly sentimental and romantically hopeful.  If the two of them really love each other, thinks the Ram, then they should
know it's going to be forever, so why not marry in the beginning?

The typical Capricorn reaction to the same situation is also rather touchingly sentimental and romantically hopeful.  The Goat girl echoes the girl Ram's question.  If the two of them really love each other, they should
know it's going to be forever, so why not marry in the beginning?  So far, the Goat and the Ram are waling the same path.  Then Mars and Saturn part company.  Abruptly. 

After due deliberation, and careful reflection - and after the initial shock has passed - Cappy will give the same issue thoughtful Saturnine consideration, and finally decide that the arrangement makes good sense after all.  (Since the Goat is a confirmed realist, Capricorn morality is very closely interwoven with Capricorn practicality.) 

All right, forget about the orange blossoms and the moral issue, but still Capricorn wonders, "
who's going to pay the rent?"  Probably the girl.  Her lover, you see, yearns to become a poet, so she may have to support them both for a while.  Aries finds nothing wrong at all with that.  Not so Cappy.  Capricorn's advice to the girl then, would be:  Tell him to forget the limericks and earn some bread, or bid him one of those friendly farewells with no regrets. 

Capricorns are always hurt when Aries people accuse them of being ambitious.  They think no one knows it.  Who,
them?  Ambitious?  Yes, them - ambitious.  There are other Saturnine traits that Goats are a little slow to recognize in themselves, like those periodic binges of gloomy pessimism, their hankering to grab the top rung of the social ladder, their reluctance to defy the Establishment - and their often blind obeisance to tradition, family, law and order and all forms of authority - and their blind obeisance is paid, for the most part, to themselves, to their own ideas and desires. 

As an Aries myself, I make the following confession most reluctantly.  But if it will make the vibration between these two Sun Signs more clear, well… all right.  My daughter, Jill (A Capricorn), was wiser than her mother from the very day she was born.  Not only wiser, but calmer, more practical, more sensible - and exasperatingly
always right.  Did I mention more cautious?  Also more cautious. 

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