twenty-first words of the sixth sentence in the third paragraph, at the beginning of this chapter.  Let's all say a silent and reverent prayer that more Aquarians find one another during this, their own age, which is now dawning.  As we pray, we'll be joined by Water Bearers Abraham Lincoln, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, Adlai Stevenson, Lewis Carroll, Mia Farrow Previn, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Professor Ray Neff… Jimmy Hoffa, Bill Snyder, Edith Bunker, George Jefferson alias Sherman Hemsley, Pearl Burt, and Thomas Edison… by all the helpless plants and animals and sea life… the baby seals and their mothers… the butchered cows and pigs and leopards… Aquarius Charles Lindbergh, Vanessa Redgrave… the Coyote Tribe of Hopis… Tom Banyaca… Craig… Joel Cohen, Debra Hayek… Goldfield Druid, Nona Stodart… Claudine Longet… Alfred E. Neuman… Ruth Edwards… Bilbo Baggins.  Also honorary Water Bearers Claire Faverone and Francesco Bernardone, of Assisi… Jesus, the carpenter, and Mary Magdalene. 

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