"Thanks, buddy, for helping me out!  I had forgotten the last line.  You took the words right out of my subconscious," remarks the second Aquarian.  "I'm so absentminded sometimes." 

FIRST AQUARIUS:  We do seem to read each other's minds a lot, don't we?  Maybe we should take a course in ESP or something, so we can understand why we understand so much. 
SECOND AQUARIAN:  I don't think so.  That wouldn't excite me.  Why don't we buy a book on picking up voices of the dead, instead?  There's a book called Breakthrough, published by Taplinger, or someone, that explains how we can pick up anyone's voice, living or dead, with an ordinary tape recorder.  They've already found it works at several major universities.  Listen, did you see what I did with my watering can? 
FIRST AQUARIAN:  You just put it in the bureau drawer.  Was it empty? 
SECOND AQUARIAN:  Oh, my gawd!  It was still half full.  Just look at my sweaters!  They're sopping wet. 
FIRST AQUARIAN:  That's my bureau drawer, and those aren't sweaters, they're my kittens. 
SECOND AQUARIAN:  Well, I'm so sorry… but what are your kittens doing in the bureau drawer? 
FIRST AQUARIAN:  They always take their nap in there, because they like the smell of cedar.  Don't you remember?
SECOND AQUARIAN:  That's right.  I had forgotten.  May I borrow your blow dryer to dry them off?  Poor things. 
FIRST AQUARIAN:  Never mind.  I'll dry them.  You run down to the library and get Breakthrough.  You can use my bicycle.  But be careful.  The rear wheel is missing.  Just try to avoid heavy traffic. 

Do you see what I mean?  The outcome of any sort of association, lasting from fifteen minutes to a couple of decades or to a lifetime, between two Aquarian individuals of any of three or four sexes - is totally unpredictable.  The only thing predictable about their relationship, whatever their age, weight, height, Social Security numbers, and previous references, is that they will immediately understand each other.  That alone is a glorious miracle.  A meeting between two people ruled by Uranus often (literally and seriously) brings tears to the eyes of each.  It's like that, when you've been thinking no one in the entire world will
ever feel as you do about anything, or ever understand why you feel as you do about everything… to find someone who smiles in recognition is a day to be marked on your Tolkien calendar as a RED LETTER DAY of unexpected, but warmly welcomed, peace and joy and good. 

At long lat, there's another human being who will silently hike through the hills to hunt mushrooms with you, and not chatter every minute about matters of no consequence.  Someone who knows where to look for Regulus and Spica on a starry summer night in the mountains, and can point out Arcturus too… someone who has read
Walden, by Thoreau, exactly twenty-three times, as you have… someone who is willing to punch every member of Congress in their windbags fo refusing to honour and treat the American Indians with the enormous reverence and respect they deserve, let alone refusing to apologize to them for the theft of their land and their country.  Someone who knows what a quark is, why the number nine is the Universal solvent, and also the Red Dragon of alchemy… someone who's aware that it's time to either heal this planet or say a farewell to it… someone who's dedicated to waterless toilets, as the great hope for our future, which could bring the double blessing of once-more rich, fertile soil and pure, unpolluted waters on the Earth… someone who wants to swim rivers, climb trees… to be free… rather than spend a lifetime in this loveless toil we fill our days with… who believes in homeopathy and radionics because they work… someone who is at war with those who carve up the Earth and call it 'subdivision'… who is determined to halt the unnecessary medical and scientific slaughter of our living, terrified, animal brothers… someone who is, in a word - sane. 

Now you comprehend (I hope) what I meant by the nineteenth and

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