water signs, there are a lot of truths, depending on which side of the apple you bite. 

Some water signs are charmingly infantile about the world of abstract ideas.  This is the 'helpless female' type of both sexes who knows 'nothing about all that political stuff' because it's just so terribly complicated and boring.  These people - and it should be emphasized that they are not only women, since I have heard it from a number of water-sign men, as well, under the guise of 'I'm only a simple labourer working to make a living' - refuse to recognize that 'society' is not some abstract thing that knocks on the door when it's time to pay taxes, but is a conglomerate of individuals.  In a word, water can be pretty irresponsible on a broad social level.  There is a story told to me about a water-sign woman who formed a friendship with an IRA terrorist wanted by the police.  She didn't know his extracurricular activities at first.  When she found out, she didn't do anything at all about it, despite the vague and uneasy feeling that he was the one responsible for the deaths of twelve people.  Asked why, she said, 'But he's such a nice man.  He's always been nice to me.  If that other is true, it isn't any of my business, is it?'  Charming.  But it gives you pause for thought…

Instead of rational thought, you get opinions.  Instead of objective conversation, you get gossip.  Instead of disinterested observation, you get bigotry.  This is the uglier face of the water signs.  It runs along side by side with the compassion, the gentleness, the empathy, the wisdom, the understanding.  But as any water sign can tell you, nobody is only one thing. 

Water's biggest problem in relationships is that he can often see nothing except relationships.  This translates either as suffocating solicitude or clinginess or possessiveness.  Now obviously it depends on your taste.  The constant attention of the water signs to their loved ones is a gift not to be undervalued.  Many air signs, frozen in their own feeling natures, misinterpret this tenderness and concern as a cloying possessiveness - not because it really is, but because they can't respond or receive the gift graciously.  But the truth of it is that sometimes water is a little cloying.  When the loved one is the most important thing in your life, it can be a little difficult for the loved one - firstly because he can never get away from you, and secondly because you've made him responsible for your own happiness.  That's a pretty large burden.  The water-sign parent who hates to see his or her children grow up is typical.  When they're babies they need that love and attention.  And water signs need to be needed.  It's a basic trait in their nature.  The best of them is brought out by someone else's need.  They are literally capable of sacrificing their lives for a loved one.  Air will sacrifice for an ideal; water for a loved person.  But when that child grows up, he wants to breath fresh air, to move away into his own world.  That's often when the water signs become frightened and begin to cling.  What, leave me alone?  After all I've done for you?  The heavy obligations they place on their loved ones can be deadly.  If you sacrifice your life for somebody, he's going to feel pretty guilty about it.  Nine times out of ten, he'll repay you with resentment, because nobody likes to feel that guilty.  It's important for the water signs to learn to let go once in a while.  And, even more important, to take for themselves, to balance the scales.  If you are always the giver, it's a pretty lopsided agreement.  The other person never has a chance to give himself; and after a while he'll begin to dislike himself for being so selfish. 

We can put it another way.  Water has the tendency, because it gives so much on a feeling level, to generate a lot of guilt in other people.  And the list is very long, of water signs who are hurt by 'cold and unfeeling' children, lovers, husbands and wives who simply cannot endure the guilt any longer.  It's known to the trade as emotional blackmail.  Water is a master of the art. 

Although he will always be there to help if you are in need, water sometimes feels rejected if you aren't in need.  It's a perverse and difficult situation.  If water isn't needed, his lifeblood isn't reaching him.  What can he do?  He may leave the relationship himself, because of the

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