sometimes see themselves as neglected kittens when their ego images aren't constantly reflected back to them by others and kept alive by extravagant compliments.  (But the compliments must be genuine - Leo sees through insincere flattery as shrewdly as any monarch who's being appeased for favours - barring an afflicted natal Sun.) 

Although Leo wants to lead, and the Lions or Lionesses sometimes impose on the Bull's patience unintentionally, these proud people also enjoy protecting those they love, and lavishing gifts and kindness upon them.  Isn't that the way all good kings and queens feel about their subjects?  A Taurean will be secretly and deeply pleased by this Leonine protectiveness, demonstrative affection and concern over his - or her - welfare.  However stubbornly they may deny it, no one needs or appreciates kindness and affection more than Taurus men, women and children.  Their loyal, dependable hearts ache for it.  That's another nice similarity between these two.  The Leo and Taurus hearts are equally loyal.  Often, the warm friendliness and interest projected by Leo will make Taurus feel all snuggly and secure.  So they are attracted into the same circle of empathy. 

It's only when Leo starts giving those royal commands, which Taurus interprets as being shoved, that trouble starts.  After a time, Leo's bright Fire may scorch the Bull's endurance, until the Taurean buries the Lion or Lioness beneath a ton of earthy stubbornness and negative reaction.  But Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing warmth and light, the Great Life-Giving Force of the Universe.  Taureans are softly ruled (until Pan-Horus appears to claim and influence them) by Venus, symbolizing Peace, Love and the musical Harmony of the Spheres.  Between them, these two heavenly bodies keep the world spinning.  All the other planets are merely supportive.  The Sun is Life.  Venus is Love.  Is there more? 

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