Julian does, when you have more important things to do?  Your time is too valuable for you to be tied down to a desk, as he is, from nearly dawn till midnight, seven days a week." 

After that masterpiece of manipulation, the Aries investor beamed happily, like a child who has just been given a lollipop and told he could play hookey at the same time.  He was delighted to be called 'Financial Backer' and 'Advisor,' to know he'd be respected by the bank and the bankers (however much cash they may possess, for some odd reason, Rams are seldom ever truly respected by bankers and that he wouldn't have to spend twelve hours a day, seven days a week, working.  (He hadn't thought of that - Aries never does.) 

The Lion swirled back around on his padded, swivel throne then, and offered everyone a cigar to celebrate the closing of the deal.  Later, after the new Aries partner had left, Dr. Julian, his dignity now completely restored, walked over to the busy Bull's desk and remarked, with his large, handsome Leonine head and pride both held high, "I certainly told him off, and let him know who runs this school.  I think I handled the situation rather well, don't you?"  The Bull, patiently and respectfully, allowed as how he certainly had. 

One area of potential agreement between Taurus and Leo is promoting and building.  Leo loves to promote grandiose schemes and large ideas, and all Bulls delight in contemplating the financial return of what might be the seeds of the Taurean empire they're always building in their minds.  The path Taurus follows is steady, purposeful and relentless.  Obstacles don't disturb or upset the Bulls as they do Leo, because Taureans accept limitation and delay as part of the price they have to pay for eventual success.  One of the favorite mottos of the Bulls is:  If a thing is worth doing at all, it's worth doing well - and also worth waiting for. 

Leos, who are fanatically fond of freedom, refuse to accept, or even to recognize, limitation.  Their attitude is ever hopeful and determined.  It never even occurs to them that they can't win all the chips with one grand and glorious toss of the dice, whether the game the Lion or Lioness is playing is business, friendship, romance, matrimony or gambling.  The Big Cats will almost always take a chance, and in Kipling's words, 'make a heap of all their earnings, and risk them on one turn of pitch and toss - and lose, and start again at their beginnings - and never breathe a word about their loss.' 

The reason Leos never breathe a word about their loss is because they convince themselves they didn't lose.  It's all a mirage.  Taurus, to put it mildly, is not nearly so quick to take a chance, whether the Bulls are risking their money or heir hearts.  And when they lose, the memory of the loss will longer for a long, long time - long enough for the Taureans to profit by the experience.  Yet, when the chips are down, the Bull and the Lion or Lioness can match each other's contempt for misfortune.  Neither is inclined to make a big deal of it, although they both might shed some private tears of sharp anguish.  Leo and Taurus equally dislike public weeping or pen admissions of failure. 

In the long run, the Bull believes the safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and place it back in your pocket.  That pretty much sums up the Taurean philosophy about their romantic or financial gambling.  When the Bulls are young, they think the security of having cash in the bank, combined with the devoted love of a member of the opposite sex, is the most important and vital thing in life.  When they grow older, they're positive it is. 

The only thing Leos are positive about is their own ability to make it happen.  Not surprisingly, the Leonine warm-heartedness and nobility of spirit, when blended with their faith in themselves, draws others to them, including Lady Luck, who often showers upon them generous amounts of both love and gold. 

Leos are all Big Cats, with huge hearts and splendid strength, who

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