maintain harmony and avoid tension.  A little extra patience is worth it to Scorpio to achieve such a desirable goal.  A Scorpion always has an excellent reason for every tactic, a hidden motive behind every strategy or course of action in human intercourse.  Of course, Scorpio should be warned that the Libra willingness to be friendly, adaptable and cooperative may be, on occasion, merely a weapon to gain what Libra wants, however genuine these virtues are most of the time.  Librans are incredibly adept at manipulating situations to their own private ends, with apparent harmless intention and a lack of aggressive attitude, while projecting oozing oodles of charm - so adept that unsuspecting souls are often fooled into doing it Libra's way (oh, that persuasive voice, that heavenly smile!) without fully realizing how they've been programmed to goose-step in the direction Libra had in mind all along. 

Scorpio, however, is far from 'an unsuspecting soul.'  Scorpio
invented the word 'suspicious.'  You don't fool one easily.  Governed by the powerfully perceptive Pluto, most Eagles can see straight through the silk and satin of Libra's wiles and seductions.  Libra can trick Scorpio only once, if that often.  After the first experience, Scorpio would have memorized the Venus strategy of sweet cajoling, and will be armoured against the allurement of such wheedling next time. 

LIBRA:  (all smiles and dimples)  That's a truly excellent letter you wrote, and it reads very smoothly - but do you think it really expresses what you want to say? 
SCORPIO:  Yes.  It expresses exactly what I want to say, which is why I intend to mail it.  I'm glad you liked it.  Do you have a stamp? 

Scorpios are no pushovers for Libra charm.  They can be, when they choose, equally as subtle in the strategies of achieving their objectives as the airy, mentally quick and highly intelligent Librans.  And far more persistent.  Inwardly, the Eagle never admits defeat.  But Scorpios are sensitive, and can be quietly hurt when Libra is oblivious to a need.  Libra is not a sign noted for in-depth analyzing of human nature.  They're better at analyzing stock market reports, legal briefs, colour charts, art masterpieces and political polls.  Libra may be sweetly sympathetic, for example, to Scorpio's nervousness around kangaroos.  But it may not occur to Libra to ask
why.  Scorpio would like to be asked, even needs to be asked why.  He (or she) may have waited a long, lonely time for someone to care enough to really want to hear the story about that scary trip to the zoo as a child.  Speaking of childhood, here's an unpublished Mother Goose rhyme she wrote for the Venus- and Pluto-ruled, while she was shaking out her feathers one day:  "Water and Air, water and air… may only reach harmony… when Libra treads carefully… and Scorpio is fair."

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