Most Librans do like to talk, especially the females of the Sun Sign.  There are also some Libra men who seem shy and reticent, but challenge their sharp wits with an argument or a one-sided statement - and they'll lose their shyness and talk your head off trying to convince you that there are two sides to every question, every problem, ever situation.  These quiet, untalkative Librans are only remaining silent while they perform their mental convolutions, ready to whip them out to win a victory in the next argument. 

Scorpios have decided likes and dislikes.  Their preferences are never fuzzy, their opinions often set - as if in cement.  The natural
adaptability of the Scorpio Water Element seldom wins out over the Fixity of the Scorpio Sun Sign nature.  Of the three Water Signs, Pisces is far more adaptable than either Scorpio or Cancer, since Pisces is a Mutable Sign, Cancer a Cardinal Sign, and Scorpio an extremely Fixed Sign.  Studying such nuances, and recognizing them, helps a lot. 

These set opinions, these pronounced likes and dislikes of Scorpio, can cause tension when they offend Libra's innate sense of justice and fair play, and Libra voices disapproval.  When this happens, Scorpio will temporarily forget his or her natural tolerance for Libra, and become either mildly frustrated or even secretly bitter over what the Scorp interprets as permissive, lazy thinking - which is a mistake.  Libra may be physically lazy periodically, usually following a long surge of incredible vitality (it takes these ups and downs to keep the Libra Scales evenly balanced) but there's nothing lazy about the Libra mind.  How can a mind grow lazy, with all that hyperactivity or weighing back and forth every decision, from whether it's healthier to eat carob ice cream than to eat none, to whether to vote Democrat or Republican or not vote at all - or to form a new political party?  Such continual brain exercise as Libra receives from the trauma of daily and hourly decision making, keeps his or her mental muscles rippling and flexible.  Sorry, Scorpio, but calling Libra mentally lazy is an unfair judgment.  In the area of permissive thinking, however, you have pretty good grounds for complaint. 

A Libra can be amazing in his or her ability to sustain an optimistic 'tomorrow will be better' attitude in the face of setbacks, letdowns and catastrophes, which is truly a lovely thing to observe at close hand (or even at a distance), but after a while it begins to chafe.  The more cautious, perceptive Scorpion asks himself (or herself) if Libra can possibly be sincere.  (Libra is, yes, ever-so-sincere.)  How can any human, wonders the Scorp, so eternally continue to see only the good side of everything? 
Wait.  Eventually, Libra's Scales will tip and they'll be looking on the dark side.  If you don't believe me, just say anything at all strongly affirmative to Libra (very aggressively) and watch him (or her) take the opposite stand.  Or the middle road.  Sometimes, they take both sides at once.  Approach a Libran, point your finger and say loudly, "You're a Libran, and that means you like to argue about everything, right?" 

"Well… yes and no," answers Libra. 

I love to hear Libran people approach me to discuss my first book, Sun Signs, and spend half-hour or so telling me why they don't think the Libra chapter fits them.  When they're all through, I say sweetly, "But you just proved you're a Libran by arguing about every word I wrote."  For a moment, they're silent.  Then Libra will continue, "I didn't argue about every word.  There are some things in it that fit me perfectly."  "Which ones? I ask.  Then Libra spends another half-hour telling me how accurate the description of Sun Sign was.  Afterward, I feel kind of split-down-the-middle, which is the way Librans always leave you feeling.  But they're fair! 

Scorpios can, surprisingly, rather smoothly handle Librans who are temporarily behaving like cranky crocodiles.  It's the 2-12 vibrations between them.  Scorpio seems to instinctively sense that Libra needs encouragement, that when Libra finds the right outlet for either creative or intellectual expression, he or she will become a most cooperative person - friendly, adaptable and willing to compromise in order to

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