From the book "Astrology for Lovers," written by Liz Green.

The Element of Earth
The trouble with always keeping both feet
firmly on the ground is that you can
never take your pants off.

Since earth is what we all stand on, build with, draw sustenance from and in which we are inextricably rooted, it might be said that the element of earth in astrology is a symbol of the three-dimensional world of matter, the observable conjunction of space and time.  Earth is real, earth is solid, earth is reliable and factual and present.  And the earthy signs -
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - possess, as their basic mode of experiencing life, an attentiveness to and a recognition of all that occupies the senses.  Earth represents the reality function par excellence.  Or, if we are to summarize all this, earth people are above all else realistic. 

Now realism is a dangerously relative term to anybody but an earth sign.  After all, there are lots of different kinds of realities.  But an earth sign will tell you, 'That's all very well, but nevertheless, regardless of all your theories to the contrary, what I perceive is what I perceive, and therefore I will work with that and make something of it'.  Earth is not interested in why, how, what might be, what was, what could be.  It is interested in what works.  Pragmatic to the end. 

What is really important in studying astrology is not to catalogue behaviour traits, but to understand the real essence, the innermost motivation, and way of experiencing life that a sign - or a group of signs belonging to one element - share.  Hence, if we catalogue the traits of Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn, they will not do justice to this fascinating, apparently simple, underrated and undervalued element.  Probably fewer earth signs study astrology than any other group; I have found fewer Taureans and Capricorns in my classes than any other signs.  Virgos tend to like the systematization, and therefore come because they find it useful.  But the true earth personality has no time for abstruse cosmological speculations.  He is much more interested in what is going on at this moment in this world, how to deal with it, how to master it, how to build security and safety in a chaotic cosmos, how to apply his skills to carve out for himself a life that is productive, useful and full. 

Most textbook descriptions of the three earth signs share some common adjectives.  For example:  practical, efficient, full of common-sense, sensual, realistic, well-organized, fond of money and security and status.  To a great extent this is true.  In the sphere of reality - or what we consider to be really via the senses - the earth type excels.  Somehow, to the mystification of more intuitive, volatile people, they manage to make order out of the random array of stimuli which assault the senses by relating to each experience or object








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