perfection.  And that's a terrible waste of time, which could be better spent flying kites, making snowmen… installing waterless toilets to save our streams and rivers and oceans from final extinction and pollution… rescuing kitties and puppies and baby monkeys from Washington's HEW-funded vivisectionists, who torture them so cruelly… running with the wind in your hair… wading in a rippling brook… or weaving dreams, which are the true realities.  Someone needs to point out gently to Virgos (and a fair scattering of Librans too) that logic isn't the god it appears to be, for logic implies a dangerous fallacy:  the assumption that what never has been can therefore never be - and the converse assumption - that what has always been therefore must always be.  The word 'therefore' is the tool of logic that can be put even the most alert player behind in a cosmic anagram game of enlightenment.  Not always, but frequently, the word 'therefore' is a warning signal to an open mind that someone is about to snap it shut, lock it, and throw away the key - more in error than such blanket assumptions of half-blind logic, born of the fallacies of preconditioned thinking.  Such unquestioning acceptance makes us all vulnerable to the madmen whose goal it is to control the individual human mind (and eventually the masses) through various forms of drugs and hypnosis - and subliminal messages flashed on television, too swift for the human eye to see, but not too swift to seed into the subconscious. 

Although the Virgo essence will help us all keep a watchful eye out for such dangers, the same Virgo virtue can be used via the negative side of the coin.  Virgos undeniably possess excellent qualifications for both scientific and metaphysical research, but they're sometimes inclined to trip and fall into the trap of the occasional misuse of the word 'therefore,' thereby losing their chance to experience the soaring freedom of discovering their own awesome creative consciousness - the deeper Truth, unrelated to logic (in its present, misleading state of interpretation) that they can be, if they choose, co-creators with Good.  (NOTE TO PRINTER:  Actually, I meant that last word to be God, instead of Good, but please typeset it as it is, since the meaning is identical.  Thank you kindly.)  Sometimes, a mistake can be very helpful.  If only Virgos realized that. 

There are, of course, Virgos who've become free souls, entering into a variety of fields with bright-eyed perception.  They're learned to close the drawer on their insignificant worries, ignore their temporary troubles, and keep their sights on the dawn of the New Age.  By combining their splendid talents for discrimination within the wider, wind-swept spaces of two open minds, these Virgos can tune-in together to the ever-more-insistent, thunderous call of their ruling planet, Vulcan, which will soon be located and identified, orbiting near the Sun and Mercury.  In fact, Vulcan's discovery is so near 'in Time,' there's already been a partial release of its powerful magnetic influences throughout the cosmos.  These invisible, but potent, vibrations are increasingly affecting Earthlings - but are especially stirring strange and sometimes disturbing reactions in Virgos themselves.  Many of them will need to learn how to handle the new energy, but some, as just mentioned, have already adjusted to the higher frequency, and are utilizing it, even now, with amazing results, in their personal and emotional lives, as well as in their careers. 

As long as we're playing anagrams, the word 'vulcanize' derives its meaning from the planet Vulcan, as a process which subjects rubber (and people) to sulphurous treatment and extreme heat, resulting in both greater strength - and more elasticity.  And so, you see, it's due to the mysterious influence of their own true ruling planet that two Virgins in every kind of association or relationship together are experiencing this temporarily upsetting, but eventually rejuvenative,
vulcanizing process within themselves.  Gradually, they'll find it will reveal to them that they possess a formerly unsuspected strength (of purpose), along with more elasticity (of viewpoint), which will be visibly reflected in less uptight behaviour, and fewer self-critical urges. 

It's an interesting fact that some aspects of the planet Vulcan's new vibrations also will soon be (and already are) causing, not Virgos alone, but certain people of all twelve Sun Signs to experience a subtle cell

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