As with all 1-1 Sun Sign vibrational pairs, Virgo and Virgo have much in common - sometimes too much - but empathizing as they do with one another's mutual viewpoints and hang-ups, there's no reason why they can't try to enjoy, rather than destroy, each other.  It will help if their Moon Signs and/or Ascendants are compatible.  It will also help if they both relax and take the disappointment of life's little snarls and tangles more casually, with a grain of salt and a pinch of humour - not judging themselves or others as compulsively, leaving the more complex analyzing to precisely programmed robots and computers, which are not as susceptible to the tummy aches of tension. 

Virgos might well profit from the example of the saints, since they have such a thing about perfection, and the saints, have managed to come about as near to that ideal state as is humanly possible in a flesh body.  I mean, like - nothing ever really rattles a saint. 

I'm on a very close terms with both St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi (especially Francesco), through whom I learned, firsthand, of the reaction of St. Christopher (by tradition the protector of travelers) when he first heard the news about the Vatican (Printer:  lowercase
v, please) withdrawing his former canonization as a saint.  Although his angelic demotion and dishonourable discharge considerably shook up millions of his loyal friends down here on Earth, creating lots of fussing and fretting, and heated religious controversy, 'Chris' had a large chuckle over the entire affair.  He wasn't the least bit broken up over losing his formal saint status, for the simple reason that he never knew they'd made him one in the first place. 

To him, it was all a tempest in a teacup.  He just goes right on about his business of miracles and unselfish service to others, with or without the vatican's canonized stamp of approval.  Tony and Francesco (of Assisi) tell me that Christopher's sense of humour is still intact, that he's as completely nonjudgmental as ever, totally unaware of his own humility, and not worried in the slightest about whether the first letter of his boss's various pronouns should be a capital or a lowercase letter - as in 'thy will be done' as opposed to 'Thy will be done.' 

I hereby move that all Virgos adopt St. Christopher as their official guru.  Is there a Virgo out there who will second the motion?  There is? 
God!  Then the subject is closed.  I mean - Good.  Then the subject is closed.  We can vote later. 

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