regeneration, which will eventually lead to making chronological age impossible to detect - the degree of their experience depending on the still-unknown (because as yet not astronomically calculated) position of Vulcan in their birth horoscopes.  This is a process similar to the alchemical techniques miracled by the Alchemist Adept known to metaphysicians as the Count de St. Germain (only one of his multiple identities), who, according to eighteenth-century historians, rejuvenated particular lades of the French court, some of whom, at a chronological age of over eighty, were sufficiently young and beautiful in appearance to have men in their late teens and twenties fighting duels for their favours. 

Whether St. Germain's alchemy-magic or Vulcan's new vibrations, there are many roads to Rome, many wonders about to burst upon us in this dawning Aquarian Age - assuming we quickly decide not to annihilate ourselves through nuclear and ecological insanity.  'New' planets (which are not new at all, but have been discovered, identified, and rediscovered after each major Earth cataclysm) are always 'discovered' right on schedule, synchronized to the timetable of a long-ago chosen Free Will evolvement of mankind and womankind into the spiritual maturity to accept these powerful preordained influences.  Before such 'discovery' at such destined time, their vibrations are muted, partially and temporarily controlled. 

When two Virgos get together, however little or much one or either of them might be influenced by Vulcan's new vibes, they worry a lot.  Yet, most of their worries are 'much ado about nothing.'  (Thank you, Will Shakespeare, for the line.  The Bard, by the way, was another of the multiple identities of the Count of St. Germain).  If they think about it, they'll realize they spend too much precious time in nonproductive and counterproductive worrying. 

The alarm didn't go off, causing one of them to be late for an appointment or (heaven forbid!) for work.  Whose fault was the resulting inexcusable tardiness, and unforgivable lack of punctuality?  It has to be
someone's fault, doesn't it?  No, it does not.  It can just as easily be no one's fault.  An expensive china lamp gets broken, an important letter wasn't mailed, a chequeing account is overdrawn, the car fender gets scraped, the front-door key is lost, the zinnias didn't get potted - but one of the Virgos did! - the dentist's bill wasn't paid, the cat's tail is caught in the garbage disposal, the philodendron is drooping - who forgot to water it?  Who broke the lamp, lost the key, scrambled the bank book, totaled the car, burned the toast, and - oh, WHO CARES!?  Virgo does, believe me. 

Reluctant to blame the other one completely (at least inwardly), each Virgo often stands self-accused, self-subjected to a harsh verdict of GUILTY AS CHARGED.  Then comes the stiff, self-imposed sentence - emotional blockage, consisting of suppressed resentment, tense anxiety, plus the hair shirt of excessive atonement, and self-chastisement - with time off for good behaviour in the future, which Virgos can't seem to comprehend is humanly impossible at all times.  To continue to strive for it is fine, but to consistently demand it from oneself and from others is futile… as well as emotionally exhausting and energy depleting. 

The most difficult problem two Virgos face, always magnified in their 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern association, may be summed up in one word:  elimination.  Not only is this a scatological symptom, creating discomforts ranging from simple constipation to serious intestinal complaints, it can also manifest as the equally uncomfortable emotional blockage mentioned in the previous paragraph.  The simple remedy in the latter instance is an honest realization of the need to eliminate - o purge the mind and heart of foolish feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and frustration over a temporary inability to change a situation which is less than perfectly desirable, as swiftly and methodically as impatient Mercury demands.  (But there's hope!  Mercury won't long influence the Virgins, for Vulcan will soon be demanding Mercury's abdication, and sending him back to play mind games with Gemini, where he belongs.) 

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