to either own or imitate Pluto's emotional intensity, but they would trudge thousands of miles, even leap over barbed-wire fences - uphill, if necessary (if no one was looking) - to gain Scorp's ability to know without any kind of calculation… to simply know.  Taureans would give all their gold to be able, like the Eagles, to stare into someone's soul and learn all that person's secrets.  If only they could master this ability, the Bulls could build their empires faster.  And if Scorpio could master, in turn, the Taurean impassivity toward Life's magnetic emotional storms, they could accomplish their mysterious purposes with far less toll on the inner psyche. 

Naturally, when these two get together in any sort of association - business, family, friendship or love - and decide to lend each other the use of their individual talents and virtues, working side by side, they can change destiny. 

A blend of their qualities through a close
relation-ship is never bland.  It can tremble and shake with both highs and lows.  I have a Taurus friend with a Scorpio brother, and they're equally devoted to their Piscean mother.  But when the Bull moved into a new house, he was too busy with the pressures of several financial crises to get in touch with his Neptune mother right away.  Besides, he didn't want to worry her with his personal problems.  One night, the Bull and his wife invited the Scorpio brother for dinner, and he accepted.  They prepared his favorite meal, the children were all washed, and brushed, and excited about seeing their uncle - but he didn't arrive.  When they called his home, he wasn't in.  The puzzling Pluto silence continued for several days.  Then one morning, a note came in the mail from the 'missing' Scorpion relative.  It said, simply:  There's a very lonely lady in the Bronx who hasn't heard from you in too long a time.  After you get in touch with her, I'll be happy to come for dinner. 

The direct, uncomplicated Bull was red-flagged into fury over his brother's undeniably devious behaviour.  Why didn't he just come right out and say he was angry when he was first invited to the house instead of pulling the mystery routine and the silent treatment? 

Why?  Because he's a Scorp, and that's the way Scorpios are.  Simple directness has no sting to it, you see, and this Eagle was determined to sting his sibling.  The surprise element is necessary for completely effective Pluto retaliation.  Yet, shortly afterwards, when the Bull's financial woes had reached the emergency stage, the Scorp offered to lend his brother the cash he needed, without even being asked.  That's
also the way Scorpios are. 

One of the qualities Taurus possesses and Scorpio usually lacks, is a sense of the ridiculous.  There are Eagles who possess a fine sense of humour, but it's seldom along the lines of the absurd.  Humour is Nature's great balancer.  It bestows a sane perspective to life, and helps the Bulls avoid the twin (no relation to Gemini!) destructive influences of self-pity and egocentricity.  When you laugh, you're surrounded with warm, happy people.  A joke attracts a crowd.  And when you laugh at
yourself, everyone adores you - because you've made yourself as human and fallible as they know they are themselves, allowing them to feel, for a brief moment, not so aware of their own vulnerability.  Perhaps the lack of such easy and spontaneous humour, of the type which attracts a crowd, is why Scorpios often prefer to travel alone and incognito.  It's difficult for the Pluto-ruled to feign fallibility.  Besides, they have no need to be adored. 

A Bull might approach a Scorpio in a typically playful (and rare talkative) mood and call out::  Hey!  Why are you hiding behind that bushy beard and the dark shades?  Are you afraid people will find out you're really Barnabas the Vampire?  I've got it!  The beard and glasses make you feel safe, is that right, Barny?  (If the Scorp is a lady Eagle, substitute 'Vampy' for 'Barny' - sans the beard, of course.) 

"Right, Barny?  (Or Vampy.)  They replace the security blanker you chewed on and took to bed as a kid."  (The Bull is thinking of his or her

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