own blanket-Teddy-Bear stage of childhood.) 

Scorpio will not laugh.  The Scorpion will just murmur quietly, without so much as the twitch of a whisker, '

But Taurus persists.  "No kidding?  Looking like one of the Smith Brothers on the cough drop box makes you feel insecure?"  Whereupon Scorpio will smile Pluto's faint smile of warning prior to deadly attack, and remark in deep, Velveeta cheese tones…

"You're jealous, aren't you?  Jealous that I have a beard, and you don't.  Is it because a beard symbolizes masculinity and you're sensitive about that, for some reason?" 

Now, nothing in heaven or hell can wound the ultra-virile Bull as cruelly as an insinuation, in jest or otherwise, of
that nature.  The Scorpion has struck again, whether the name is Barnabas the Vampire, alias Vampy or Barny - or Leonard the accountant.  The Eagle has drawn blood.  Taurus retreats, hurt and puzzled that a simple, good-natured joke laid an egg, floundering in water over any Bull's head.  Of course, when pushed too far, the Taureans won't retreat.  They'll paw the ground, snort - and charge - totally destroying the Scorpion, who will then, in his (or her) final moments, whip around that dangerous tail, deliver the fatal sting - and they'll both fall down dead.  Naturally, I'm referring to an imaginary scene between the Nature symbols of the two Sun Signs.  In a similar human encounter, you may translate it your own way. 

Speaking of Nature symbols, I trust the reader is not confused by the reference to Pluto-ruled people as both 'Scorpion' and 'Eagle.'  An Eagle is a Scorpion regenerated into the higher octave of his or her own Superconscious, capable of projecting all the finer, positive qualities of the Sun Sign.  Like a kind of reincarnation
within a reincarnation, so to speak.  All Scorpio people are Eagles part of the time.  If they keep trying, they can remain on skies of enlightenment, through aspiration - on the wings of the repudiation of revenge, soaring into a dedication to defend the helpless. 

Many Scorps do appreciate humour, but normally only when it can be seen or projected in an impersonal way.  Such as on stage or screen, or among friends -
watching.  Very few Scorpions find it hilarious when the giggles are at their own expense, and they're not cheery back-slapper types, as the Bulls can be, when they're feeling especially jolly.  The typical Scorp will chuckle sincerely at funnies only when in the company of good and trusted friends. 

Scorpio Mike Nichols, American comedy writer, author, performer and director (a rather large chunk of comedic talent), doesn't exactly have a reputation for being a continual bag of laughs in his personal life when the joke is on him.  The same thing is true of country comedienne Minnie Pearl.  She's a howl on stage, but privately she's an intense, dedicated Scorpio lady, with passionate political and other convictions. 

Scorpio and Taurus do have some things in common.  They both have a tendency to be reserved with strangers.  Neither of them are blabbermouths, and neither is inclined to make long speeches unless there's something important to say.  Also, both equally dislike being rudely questioned by inquisitive people.  But their reactions to such intrusions are quite different.  Scorpio will use subtle strategies to keep his (or her) secrets secret.  When subtlety fails, the Scorpio will simply lie, justifying it as an inalienable right when dealing with those who would violate his (or her) sacred privacy.  (At any other time, Scorpios are the very souls of integrity, however.)  The silent implication is:  You pried into my personal affairs and you got what you deserved.  (The snooper should be grateful for the lie.  It's better than receiving a sting from the Scorpion tail.  Sometimes, both defense measures are employed, simultaneously.) 

The Bulls have an equal sense of privacy, and you won't find them telling all they know, any more than Scorps do.  But the Bulls are not

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