politics or real estate companies.  The Bull will build the foundation carefully, organize it sensibly, and the Crab will run it with careful efficiency, making sure their mutual efforts gain the maximum publicity.  (Cancerians may not be extroverts but they're surprisingly good at getting newspaper space, and getting their pictures on the front page or the TV screen.)  The chances are excellent that any Cancer-Taurus business partnership will thrive and stay in the black.  If there's any red on the books, it's probably from the blood (mixed with sweat and tears) these two pour into any project they devotedly dedicated to making solidly successful.  Assuming the Bull has the Moon or Ascendant in the Water or Earth Sign (except Capricorn) and the Crab has the Moon or Ascendant in a Water and Earth Sign (except Scorpio) - and sometimes even the parenthesized planetary positions won't stop their mutual achievement compatibility - these two could both end up in Whos' Who, and likely find also that their personal relationship is harmonious, and comparatively free of tension.  However, without such aid from their birth charts, there could be some pouting, muttering, mooing and sniffling, from time to time.  Yet, compromise will usually be easier for them than for most other Sun Sign combinations.  They each possess a certain amount of placidity, which often creates harmony from the sheer inner need and desire for peace and quiet. 

Because Taurus is Earth and Cancer is Water, it's more probable that the Crab will slowly and gradually grow to imitate the Bull's Fixed habits, than the other way around - even though Taurus is behind Cancer on the karmic wheel of life.  Why?  Water is flexible, and does not resist, which is the wisdom of Water.  It takes the shape of the vessel into which it's poured.  When that vessel is a Taurean, the shape is usually symmetrical and pleasing.  Considering the Taurus feeling for form, and the Cancer sensitivity for colour, they can paint some rather nice pictures on the side of the jug too.  Then they'll hang a price tag on it, take it to market, and come home together with a nice fat profit. 

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