Despite they're having much in common, Taurus finds it difficult to understand the moods of the Crab.  To the Bulls, it's a waste of time and common sense to weep and moan about a situation.  Taureans seldom weep or moan (although they occasionally moo) and they're rarely moody.  However, once Taurus men, women or children dig in their heels, and get set for a spell of the blues, rare as it may be, they're not kidding around.  They're moping in earnest.  When a Bull takes a notion to have a mood, you'd better know it's a good, strong one, that's going to last for months - even years.  And it won't be interrupted by silly fits of giggles. 

Cancerian moods, on the other hand (is there a Libra in the room?), usually don't last more than a few hours, a few days at the very most - and they cover a wide range of emotions, from tender humour to cranky criticism, from intelligent, vivacious conversation to trembling shyness.  They switch from laughter to tears, from faith to cynicism, from bitterness to joy - and then they snap at you, "What do you mean,
I'm moody?"  You're the one who's impossible to get along with."  (We won't tell the Crabs that a preposition is a poor thing with which to end a sentence, or even to end a sentence with - until the next mood switch to sweet and submissive.  Otherwise, we may be snapped at - I mean, they may snap at us.) 

Because Cancerians are so sensitive, they're aware of what's going on inside of people, and are, therefore, usually compassionate.  Yet, their sympathy may come and go, especially when they're looking for sympathy themselves, which is frequently - and
most especially if the sympathy entails a loan of money.  Then the sympathy is much more likely to go than to come.  Crabs think twice before they whip out their chequebooks.  This is another area where Taureans and Cancerians have a great deal in common.  The Bulls not only think twice before whipping out their chequebooks, they stop, pause, and think once again, just to be sure.  However, both Sun Signs are truly generous to old people and to children.  They're just a little tough on everybody in between.  If it will put a hot meal into a child's tummy, or help a relative or loyal friend pay the mortgage on his or her home, Cancer and Taurus will relax their financial caution - or, when either of them have fallen in love.  Romance warms their hearts and opens their pocketbooks miraculously. 

The reason these two are slow about spending their money isn't because either of them is stingy.  They're thinking of the future.  There's always a rainy day to save for, right?  (I can visualize the Crabs and Bulls reading this, nodding their heads, and asking silently, almost desperately, "Isn't that, right?") 

Well, yes, astrologically, that's right.  There is always a rainy day to save for (for which to save).  It's guaranteed to arrive, when you want it that musch.  I've never yet met a Cancerian or a Taurean who saved for a rainy day and failed to see that rainy day arrive, right on schedule.  There's an ancient metaphysical truth, that warns:  Be careful of what you want (or what you image) because you will get it.  No doubt about that.  None whatsoever.  If you concentrate on saving for a rainy day, sooner or later you'll get caught in a downpour.  How about imaging love and happiness and security instead?  That sort of 'wanting' and imaging will manifest into reality just as surely, under the very same Universal Law. 

Now about that secret worry all Cancerians and Taureans have that they're going to end up in the poorhouse someday if they don't take care of their assets - I have some fantastic good news for them.  Are all you Crabs and Bulls who are reading this section paying close attention now?  Okay.  Here it is:  They don't have poorhouses anymore! 
Honest.  They stopped building them years ago.  Isn't that great news?  So you can all go out and buy the luxuries you've always wanted - pianos, stamps for your stamp collection, antiques, old coins, caviar, gold frames for your baby pictures, cameras andů what's that?  Now you're worried about all the people who are broke, and the families in the poverty belts who don't have a poorhouse to go to?  Oh, good grief. 

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