superfluous), more or less in the telepathic manner of the visitors from space who have been said to communicate with Earthlings - not quite, but with the same conceptual blueprint. 

The Scorpio mother frequently knows, without being told, when her Pisces son or daughter is troubled - even why.  And vice versa.  The Pisces employer comprehends his or her Scorpio employee's tension - and the cause for it.  And vice versa.  Piscean and Scorpio lovers and mates - or friends - even playmates (children) can cause each other's joys and sorrows.  They understand each other's silences more comprehensively than other people understand one another's conversation. 

With all this empathy, you'd think these two would have nary a problem area to their names.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Heaven on Earth, although growing ever nearer, has not quite yet been established.  The first problem in the relationship between Fish and the Eagle is that of weakness and strength.  Guess who usually wins that battle in the final inning - which is stronger, which is weaker?  Don't be afraid to hazard a guess.  You know enough about astrology now to be tested. 

The Scorpio is stronger, the Piscean weaker?  No, it's the other way around.  Maybe you didn't notice the structure of the question, which included the phrase 'in the final inning.'  Admittedly, Scorpio would seem
at first to be the stronger of the two.  They are both of the Water Element, and since water is the strongest of all the elements, for reasons I've told you elsewhere in this book, this means they both have the strength of endurance.  In addition, Scorpio has all that Pluto power I've been writing about - or that you've read or heard about elsewhere.  However, Pluto power is based, to a large extent, upon ego.  Human ego.  Neptune power (Neptune being the ruler of Pisces) is based upon a force no weapon in Heaven or on Earth, in any solar system, universe or galaxy, can conquer.  It's name is… humility.  It has a great deal to do with '… many that are first shall be last; and (many that are) last shall be first.'  The message requires meditation. 

On a human personality level, the Scorpion who starts out in a relationship with a Piscean believing that he or she can swallow this poor little Fish through the force of a stronger and more intense nature - is going to be surprised.  You know how difficult it is to surprise a Scorpion.  But it can be done.  In a contest of wills or a contest of surprises, the Fish will spring the last surprise.  And it will be a real shocker, quite unexpected. 

Look at it this way.  If you saw a Nature Scorpion in some sort of contest with a Nature Fish, which of the two could move faster and more unpredictably?  You'd rather use the Scorpio Eagle as a symbolic example?  Fine.  You're on!  Which can disappear more quickly, without leaving a sign or a trace - a fish in the water, or an eagle in the sky?  Look.  The fish is gone, but the eagle… well, see that speck over there behind that far cloud?  Use your binoculars.  Now you see the speck, right?  Don't try to use your binoculars to spot the fish.  Binoculars don't work in the deep. 

I hope they don't quarrel about money.  But they might.  The typical Fish is generous to a fault (if there is such a thing, which I don't believe there is, since no amount of generosity ought to be classed as a fault) and so is the Scorpion, when it comes to close friends, family and what the Pluto-ruled call 'the deserving.'  Scorpio is unstintingly generous with these, but with everyone else the Eagle can be a trifle stingy.  Pisces is not really concerned with the beneficiaries of his or her giving.  Not all, but most Neptune people unconsciously follow the apple tree philosophy.  The apple tree does not ask for those who enjoy its fruit - "Are you deserving?  Are you a friend or a relative?" then pull back its branches if the correct password is not forthcoming.  The apple tree gives to the deserving and to the undeserving alike, for the same reason - without giving, the tree would die.  This is somewhat the same way the average Piscean feels.  There's something within the Neptune heart which would wither up and die if the boy and girl Fish were not allowed to give freely

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