when the spirit moves either to do so, which can be wonderfully often. 

Pisces might help Scorpio comprehend the meaning behind the Nazarene's words, when he asked, "Why are you so concerned with your riches?  O!  ye of little faith!  You ask, what are we to eat, what are we to wear (where are we to sleep? And so on)… Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (within yourself) and all the rest will come to you as well." 

Since Scorpio has a burning desire to prove the truth-behind-the-truth of all religious mysteries, any Eagle will benefit profoundly from pondering those words.  Only when Scorpio truly comprehends that message, with ultimate compassion, can the Fish and the Eagle travel an enlightened path hand-in-hand and hear-to-heart… a smooth path, swept clean of the pebbles of disagreements, competition or misunderstandings.  Most Pisceans truly take 'no thought of he morrow,' sincerely believing that 'sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.'  More than sufficient, in the opinion of the majority of Fish, who are forever, it seems, becoming entangled and involved in everyone else's troubles, in addition to their own - including those of the postman, the neighbour's dog or cat, the grocer, the President of the United States, Aunt Samantha, an airline, Muhammad Ali and various assorted friends, relatives and public figures. 

Conversely, being a Fixed Sign, Scorpio takes quite a lot of 'thought for the morrow.'  It's a compulsion.  The Scorpion Fixity pulls on these men and women (and children) to be sure there's something stashed away for lean days - some sort of insurance in case of a blow from Fate or an Act of God (same thing).  Scorps tend to look far, far ahead, in order to prepare themselves for whatever calamities might occur in the future.  Cancerians do this also, but theirs is not quite the same kind of caution, because the anticipated accumulation of cataclysms, tragedies and emergencies feared by Cancer actually occur only a small percentage of the time, relatively speaking, whereas those that Scorpio precognitively senses nearly always do occur (unfortunately) right on schedule.  Noah was probably a Sun Sign Scorp (or had the Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio). 

It won't be easy for the also psychic Fish to argue Scorpio out of this point of view.  Even a Piscean would have made little impression saying to the Scorpio patriarch prophet, "Listen Noah - every thinks you're meshugana for making such a big mishagosh about a little puddle of water that will probably dry up by morning…"  In truth, although Pisceans are much less inclined to fuss and fret about imagined future troubles than the Pluto-ruled, when it comes to a really strong hunch or intuition, the Fish may lose his or her careless, casual detachment and share the concern of Scorpio.  In rare situations, that is.  Most of the time, Pisces believes Scorpio stirs up a fine tempest in a teacup.  There are, naturally, exceptions, but one might note that Scorpio tends to
silence, followed by periods of brooding - while Pisces tends to talking, followed by periods of brooding.  It's the Neptune-Pluto pattern which either begins at variance, then trails off and meets in similarity somewhere before the end of the path - or which starts in unison (with the brooding) but trails off in a different direction before the end of the path.  (This is a deep and vital meditation, worth studying, not just skimming.) 

Again allowing for the exceptions; some Scorpios are, generally speaking, a shade more likely to pursue a college degree than Pisces.  "Just think," remarks the Eagle, "what Machiavelli might have done under such pressure as I have been subjected to lately, if he had been in my place." 

The Fish can't think, because he or she isn't quite sure who Machiavelli was.  But Pisces will look it up afterward.  When people tell Pisceans something, they like to follow through.  Even though a Fish may scoff at college, he (or she) is secretly impressed with what others learn in the halls of ivy.  That is, a Fish is impressed until it's discovered that the Scorp with the Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate can't comprehend how the human voice could have been recorded on a piece of quartz in Atlanta - or even if it could have been.  "Well," says Pisces, "you see it works something like this…" 

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