whatever form it takes.  Correct? 

As for you Pisceans, try to be more sympathetic to the
purpose of those burning barbs of the Archer you'd like to bop over the head with his (or her) own Jupiter Bow.  By now, you should realize that the purpose is always integrity, an uncontrollable urge to search for and express the truth.  Since all that really matters in any sort of human speech or action is the motive behind it, can you see that the Sagittarian intention, at least, is honourable?  True, they say Hell is paved with good intentions, but I rather think that Heaven may be too. 

The Archers are free and easygoing as they trot along the pathway of life, completely independent, scorning self-pity - yet they often neglect duty and responsibility if it interferes with their exciting search for themselves or stands in the way of their goals and wanderlust - and this brings disapproval from Pisces who can't conceive of placing one's own desires before dutiful service to others who might need them.  The kindly, gentle Fish are only rarely irritable as they float calmly around obstacles, unobtrusively charting their patient course upstream, sometimes pausing to longer in the cool stillness behind a waterfall… making little effort to escape the entanglements of people who need their sympathetic listening ears (or money), even when it creates a detour, or a delay in their long-range plans.  They're exasperatingly changeable, first following half a dozen dreams at once, refusing to settle down to the practical pursuit of just one - then deciding to lazily procrastinate for a while, allowing solid opportunities to glide past them, which causes the Fish to merely shrug - but brings an angry scolding from the Archer. 

Sag must stop trying to coax Pisces out of the temporary ponds where he (or she) feels fleetingly serene and secure.  And Pisces must stop projecting the Neptunian silent doubt that holds Sag back from aggressively following tomorrow's promise.  Instead of such futile confrontations, Sagittarius might try to keep those optimistic promises by traveling to the Moon or China, and returning with a handful of stardust to sprinkle on Pisces to prove there do exist out there new worlds to conquer, for those who have the audacity to pursue them - then grin, and say, "See?  I told you if you trusted me, I wouldn't let you down."  That's the most effective way to lure a reluctant Fish to come out of the water and play leap frog. 

In closing, I have saved, to share with you, the very last codicil in Archer Dan William's will.  He was rumoured to have died, perhaps not a wealthy man, yet rather comfortably fixed financially.  But alas, Sagittarian Dan had loaned all his money to those in need, over the years.  There wasn't a penny left.  And so, his bequest to his family was, in his own, beautifully typed Jupiter words in the last paragraph of his will:  "I leave to my wife and children the whole wide world - in which to earn a living." 

Although Pisceans can certainly empathize with Dan's compassionate charity, a Neptune last will and testament, would never contain such an inheritance.  The modest and humble Fish wouldn't dream of presuming to have the right to give away the whole wide world - for it doesn't belong to them.  But there's a deep wisdom in the Sag philosophy. 

PISCES:  Do you Sagittarius really believe you own the world?
SAGITTARIUS:  Of course!  Doesn't everyone? 

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